Mounting exercises to help with getting on horse

Mounting Exercises To Help Improve Getting On The Horse

Flexibility is crucial to making mounting your horse much easier. With poor...

How to improve your posture off the horse

Improving Your Posture Off The Horse

Improving your posture off your horse has the potential to dramatically improve...

how to keep your hips healthy and mobile

How To Keep Your Hips Healthy And Mobile As A Dressage Rider

Part of being a good rider is having mobile hips. When hips...

What sort of fitness training is best for dressage riders

What Sort Of Fitness Training Is Best For Dressage Riders

As dressage riders, focusing on your fitness off the horse is often...

Is strength training beneficial to my riding fitness

Is Strength Training Beneficial For My Riding Fitness?

It’s common for dressage riders to be unsure of how to improve...

Feeling the fear and taking action

Feeling The F.E.A.R And Taking Action

Friggin (or F$#%^&*), Exciting and Rewarding! Face your fear and do it...


Health & Fitness Specifically For Dressage Riders

I want to help you succeed in dressage. Combining my knowledge in health & fitness with my passion for dressage riding, this website will help you become a dressage athlete.

Are you struggling to improve your horse riding and progress to the next level?

More often than not it is the rider who is holding the horse back from improving through the grades, not the other way around.

You see, it takes a lot of strength and stamina to ride a horse and compete at any sort of level. Its important to therefore work on your own health and fitness as much as you do your own horses. You are after all a team effort.


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