Back yourself

Back Yourself

I have mentioned this before and I’m sure you can all relate...

Adjusting your goal posts to suit you

Adjusting Your Goal Posts To Suit You

As a rider its important that we set goals, but equally important...

how to keep your hips healthy and mobile

How To Keep Your Hips Healthy And Mobile As A Dressage Rider

Part of being a good rider is having mobile hips. When your...

embracing imcompetence in your riding

Embracing Incompetence In Your Dressage Riding

Dressage is a challenging sport. While an elite dressage rider may make...

Whats your learning style

What’s Your Learning Style and Why It’s Important For Dressage Riders

The last time you probably thought about learning styles was when you...

improve your energy so you can ride more

How To Improve Your Energy So You Can Ride More

We could all use a little more energy. Whether it’s energy to...


Health & Fitness Specifically For Dressage Riders

I want to help you succeed in dressage. Combining my knowledge in health & fitness with my passion for dressage riding, this website will help you become a dressage athlete.

Are you struggling to improve your horse riding and progress to the next level?

More often than not it is the rider who is holding the horse back from improving through the grades, not the other way around.

You see, it takes a lot of strength and stamina to ride a horse and compete at any sort of level. Its important to therefore work on your own health and fitness as much as you do your own horses. You are after all a team effort.


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