Feeling The F.E.A.R And Taking Action

Feeling the fear and taking action

Friggin (or F$#%^&*), Exciting and Rewarding!

Face your fear and do it anyway!

Why?…..because there is something so powerful about what happens on the other side, when you accomplish something that scares you so much! Achieving your goals isn’t so much about getting to that goal, it is more so about who you become on the journey. How you grow, adapt and change.

Its not just the adrenaline from the fear, it’s the accomplishment and being proud of yourself for making that happen. That is where the value and reward comes.

The feeling of achievement and pushing yourself through all the mental excuses you put on yourself. All the excuses to stop yourself from doing it, but then knowing how much you should and you just do it.

That feeling on the other side?

Trust me, its bliss, its one of the best feelings knowing that you mentally took yourself past excuses, past the barriers, past the don’ts and can’ts and you did it! Revitalizing!! Refreshing!! Rewarding!!

Its time you started aiming for that high on the other side and not thinking about the excuses in front of you. Don’t let your negative self talk help you lose the battle. Block it out with the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of finishing something, the high you will feel after you have done it. Think about the feeling of actually doing it, and that split second after you have done it……bliss, adrenaline, excitement, happiness, accomplishment.

Start doing things that challenge you and invigorate you and make you become better. If this scares you, face your fear and do it and know how good you will feel on the other side when it’s achieved. Human beings do things out of love and fear. Find the love in something that scares you.

Stop being boring and sitting in your comfort zone, surrounded by excuses and being that person that complains. Start embracing life, living it up and facing your fears and achieving your goals.

So those goals you have set yourself, are you going to achieve them. Are you going to stay on track? Take some time this week to look at them, adjust them and then take action today. This week and the months ahead to get towards those goals!