Finding The Time To Workout

It can be hard to find the time to exercise or workout when we are super busy working 9-5, 5 days a week and short on daylight hours I get it. However I would love to shed some light on this and hopefully help you out.

First let’s define exercise and working out and what we are trying to achieve as riders. Often we think “exercise” has to look a certain way, we have to get hot and sweaty, we have to be in our gym gear, it should last 45 minutes to an hour and I should feel exhausted on the other side of it, otherwise it’s not a real workout. This workout/exercise perception that we have in our head is then something we put off because we are tired, have other things we need to get done and life is “busy.”

In our day we have 24 hours, of those hours think about how your body moves. If we were to say “workout” for 45 minutes, that still less than 4% of your day. What movement are you doing throughout the other parts of your day that could be helping or hindering your riding position and posture? Even if you were working an 8 hour desk job, sleeping 8 hours night, you still have another 8 hours in which you could be moving your body to help your riding.

You see our body thrives off movement and being a good rider isn’t about lifting heavy weights, doing fancy backbends or being able to run 10k every day. Being a good rider is about ensuring your body is aligned, your joint hinges are all moving freely and optimally so you are able to sit straight, in balance and move with the horse. You are then able to feel your horse in balance and be able to give clear aids when you ride due to the way the horse is feeling and not due to your imbalances/weaknesses.

Where I come from as a personal trainer is that I wish to help you enjoy your riding for as long as you can. To help you shine and to allow you to continue to ride for as long as you choose without your body holding you back. This comes through improving your biomechanics and movement and taking care of your body today. 

This isn’t about thrashing your body with hard long workouts. Instead it’s about smart effective training that helps you create optimal balance in your body for riding. It’s about understanding how to stand with good posture so during your day you can sit better, stand better and move better. It’s then about squeezing in some consistent stretches to help improve mobility and suppleness in those areas we can hold extra tension. These can be done while you fill water buckets, waiting for the jug to boil or at the end of the day while you are watching TV.

Achieving the right stamina, suppleness and strength for riding doesn’t have to take loads of time and can be spread throughout your day by getting plenty of walking in and doing the some intelligent training specific to riders.  Our program is only 3 x 20 minute workouts per week. These can be done during your weekend, broken up over the period of your week or as a workout in your living room.

When you understand that it’s not about thrashing your body or long workouts, but instead about an understanding of moving correctly and getting a good combination of stretching and strengthening into your week timing doesn’t then need to factor in. Priorities do.

We all have 24 hours in a day and when it comes to my riding I want to be the best rider that I can be, so prioritizing moving correctly during my week in and around my riding is a priority. When you understand this philosophy and the principles of moving correctly you will be able to find the “time” to move throughout your day and put priority into some short 20-minute routines to enhance your riding posture and improve your time in the saddle.

Our Dressage Rider Training program is systematically designed to help you train smart and effectively without taking up all your time or exhausting your body. I get that you would rather be riding. So I have designed this program to help you improve your bodies alignment and posture in a short time frame so you can spend more time riding today and in years to come. The workouts are short and only 3 per week. The exact combination of strength, stability and stamina to help you shine as a rider. Learn more about the program here.