Improve Your Dressage Posture Every Day Off Your Horse

How to improve your dressage posture off your horse

The environment your body is in each and everyday creates you. It doesn’t happen over night but things change at a cellular level according to what you expose yourself to and the environment you put your body into each day. I for one know exactly how sitting at my desk makes my back and hips feel at the end of a long week when I havn’t moved enough. Then to hop on my horse and feel all those things highlighted.

From long car trips through to desk jobs each has their impact on your improve-your-dressage-posture-every-day-off-your-horseriding posture. From a head forward position, through to rounded shoulders and a core that is collapsed. It can be difficult to sit correctly in the saddle if you’ve been sitting for a long time in front of a computer or behind the wheel with bad posture. So the key is to bring awareness of proper spinal alignment when you are in these positions. To think about your posture during your day and not just on your rides. The more you practice this, the more you will create better posture and ultimately enhance your riding.

Then by combining good posture during your day along with exercises to enhance your biomechanics you have a recipe for success. To me its about staying healthy, fit and functional because I want to be enjoying riding into a ripe old age and this means caring for my body today. By combining a healthy balance of work in and out of the saddle and awareness through my workdays I will create a much better environment for my body each and every day to adapt to.


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