How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing Around My Riding?

how much exercise should I be doing off my horse

When it comes to exercise off our horse too often we put it into the to hard basket and do to little or we do the extremes and over train. The key to getting your exercise right is to first understand that your body thrives off movement. It needs you to move and have movement scattered throughout your day. This helps improve your posture, fitness and energy.

It also needs you to keep your muscles strong and your body in even balance. A weak left side or a tight right hip is very quickly highlighted when on a horses back. So your exercise you do should be about improving symmetry, rider strength and balance.

I am sure you have seen what happens to a muscle when you break a wrist, they shrink. If you don’t use it you lose it and if you over use it you abuse it. So its about balance and choosing exercises that enhance what you are trying to achieve as a dressage rider.

First ask yourself are you getting a foundation of movement into each and every day.
And how much riding are you actually doing?

If right now you are only walking very minimal, can you build up to 5000 steps and adventually 10,000 steps per day and can you build this foundation of movement into your every day life. Then when it comes to your riding are you riding 3 days a week leisurely or do you ride 3 horses a day 6 times a week. You see each of these scenarios requires different advice.

Just like a house needs a strong platform to build from, so does your health. So create as much of a movement base lifestyle in and around your work and look for more opportunities in your day to move more. Because sitting all day at a desk isn’t doing much to help your riding and while I am not suggested you throw away your job, what I am suggesting is awareness of how you sit at your desk, how you spend your breaks and the exercise you do to bring balance to your posture to help enhance your riding.

Even if you work 8-5 at an office, there is still weekends and hours in and around work that you can move. So make the choice to take advantage of those hours and care for your body with more movement to enhance your rider fitness. Combine that with your riding and you have a recipe for success.

Get all the tools you need to take your riding to the next level, by working on your rider fitness today. Its about balance as much as it is about developing the right kind of strength and stability and this is what the Dressage Rider Training Program is all about. Learn more here.

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