Stay Focused And Moving Foward

Stay focused and keep moving forward

In the depths of a busy week and at the end of a busy day it can be hard to find the energy to head out and go for a ride. Even harder in the depths of winter. Heres the thing though, the more you focus on how tired and exhausted you are the more of that you will create.

Instead focus on how great you feel on the other side of a ride and how being with your horse energizers you. Focus on your goals you are trying to achieve or the simple balance having some “me” time creates in your day.

To often we focus on the negatives and can’t look for all the positives. So next time you find yourself in a funk, start by getting clear about what your goals are. What are you wanting to achieve. Don’t just dream about it either. Write it down, because when its on our creative side of our brain (right side) it can be hard to create clarity, but when you put pen to paper and write it down, you shift it from you right to your left, the logical side. By just doing this you are helping things to become clearer.

Once you know what you want to achieve, don’t just wish for it. Nothing comes for free, success comes from dedication. You then have to take action on your goals. You have to put steps in place to achieve it and turn up. When we don’t have clear direction or goals we tend to float and drift all over the place and it can be very easy to feel flat and focus on how tired you are. But if you set yourself up for success and stay focused you will be amazed at the energy and motivation this can create.

Your goals can be anything, from just having balance in your day and spending time with your horse, through to going up a level at your next competition. The key is knowing what they are.

So next time you are in a rut, take some time out to reassess and make some goals and then turn up and make them happen!

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