Is Strength Training Beneficial For My Riding Fitness?

It’s common for dressage riders to be unsure of how to improve their fitness to enhance their riding. Strength is…

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How Visualization Can Help Your Dressage

Multi tasking and doing lots of things at once is essentially being distracted and often the more we multi task…

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How The Office Chair Affects Your Core Strength

I’m sure you’ve experienced the feeling of tight shoulders, lower back pain and stiff hips after sitting for a period…

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Improving Your Mobility And Suppleness

Maintaining a healthy range of movement throughout our entire body is one of the key’s to aging well. Improving your…

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5 Exercises To Test And Improve Your Rider Symmetry

What goes on in our body is more often than not reflected in our horse when we ride. From a…

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How Mobility And Yoga Can Help Your Riding

When you’re in your twenties, it seems you can go a 110 percent at the gym, a charity run, or…

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What To Do The Day Of Your Competition

The day of your competition is a time when you want all your hard work to shine. Where you and…

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How To Set Up Neutral Spine For Dressage Riders

Perfecting your posture when your in the saddle is not just about creating a pretty picture of a seasoned dressage…

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Dressage Posture – Improve The Health Of Your Spine

Great posture is one of the keys for a balanced horse that’s connected with their rider. That’s because spine health…

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Exercises To Help With Toe Position In Dressage

Achieving proper alignment and toe positioning when you’re riding will help you prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your joints,…

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