6 Habits That Are Blocking You From Success

Most of us want to live a successful life, right? Whether success for you is achievement in the saddle or achievement in other aspects in your life. It’s only natural that we want to become the best version of ourselves and create something we can look back on thinking we have done ourselves proud and worked hard. For some, success is much more attainable and for others it takes a little more grunt to get there.

But what if I told you that you might be the giant hurdle standing in your own way of success?  You may have developed habits that are stopping you have achieving the goals and living the life you have been envisaging for so long.

Often there habits have unconsciously created over time. The key to success and breaking those habits begins with noticing them. Once you know what habits are blocking you from success, you can reach the potential you have always known was there.

Here are 6 of the top habits that maybe standing in your way of conquering your goals.

1. You let people define you and what you want

Many people enter into professions or create lifestyles that others have almost decided for you. Your parents perhaps pushed you to study law or you moved to a suburb where everyone else was living. You married the guy everyone said was perfect for you or you took up a job offer that all your friends said was too good to refuse. Or you bought a horse that everyone said you should, but it just wasn’t the right one for you. It’s time to stop letting others influence your decision and take back control so that you can head down the path that is right for you.


2. You don’t let yourself fail

Nobody becomes successful without experiencing failure. Often people are scared to fail for fear of a setback or disappointment for themselves and others. The truth is success only comes through failure and that is all part of life’s journey. When you do get to your end goal, think of how much richer and amazing it is going to feel when you can look back at all the mistakes and hurdles you have had to overcome. Successful riders have had there fair share of failures and to often we put off getting out there and giving it a crack for the fair of what others will see. Be ok with failing, be okay with bad marks, its all part of the journey and provides you with a base to improve upon.


3. You’re not taking advantage of opportunities

Fear, apprehension and anxiety are usually the reasons people don’t take advantage of opportunities when they come their way. Maybe you have the chance to do a clinic that will aid in your personal development, but you use the excuse of limited time to not do it. You need to find ways to get around your excuses and start taking up more opportunities even if you don’t feel you want to. Opportunities lead to growth and the opening of doors. Nothing changes if you don’t put yourself out there.


4. You proceed with procrastination

It’s way too easy to get into the trap of thinking and questioning things before you go out and do them. If you spend too much time procrastinating, opportunities will pass by or someone else will achieve what you wanted before you do. Take a chance on yourself, get things done and stop your thoughts from being your hurdle.


5. You let negativity consume you

There is that saying that you become like the five people you spend most time with so choose carefully. This is so true, particularly when you are trying to make a go at something and live out a dream. Negative people have the power to squash your dream. They don’t seek the best out of life, instead drain others with their negativity. Don’t let negativity hold you back, cut it out of your life and put the focus back on yourself and your goals. Start to find people who inspire you and surround yourself with them. Get lessons from people you admire, offer to help those you can learn from and start creating a supportive environment for you to grow from.


6. You’re not investing in yourself

When you set out to conquer a dream or follow your passion, it is often hard to invest in yourself. And I’m not just talking making a financial commitment to getting your goals off and running, but also time and belief. In order to be successful you need to invest in yourself and your dreams on an emotional level. You do deserve to be successful and to live the life you have always wanted. You deserve to shine and become the dressage athlete you desire to be. Start believing it. If you don’t who else will.


Success doesn’t come overnight, but if you eliminate these 6 habits that are blocking you from success you will be one step closer to making it. I would love to hear from you; have you any habits that have gotten in your way of conquering your dreams?


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