Becoming A More Mindful Rider Each And Every Ride

Often we spend so much of our time focusing on our horses when instead we need to focus on ourselves when we ride as well.

You see horses have amazing ability to be incredible perceptive, they understand our emotional, mental and physical state and often it is at the end of a really busy day that we take our busy body and our stressed minds over to ride our horse. Which then can affect the outcome of our ride and our overall progress.

However when we become more mindful we can start to take control of how we speak, touch and interact with our horses, which can have a huge impact on the outcome of your ride. So by putting some short moments aside in your daily routine with your horse you can learn to create a more positive, relaxing and successful experience for you both.

Here are some simple things you can do :

Each time you start your ride begin by breathing deeply into your belly and relax your shoulders.

Then concentrate on creating a even and balanced seat. Feel both seat bones on the back of the horse and notice them move left and right as you walk.

Find your neutral spine and a stable core connection. Brace your belly and line up your centre of balance.
Keep your vision forward, with your nose, chest and belly button all centred evenly above your horse.

Now spend 3-5 minutes just focusing on your breath maintaining this position as you walk to begin your ride.


How to Breath?

Take a big deep breath in and feel it filling up the centre of your body and your belly button expand. Feel your body get taller, your shoulder relaxing and a spreading across your collar bones. Then when you exhale, hold the length through the crown of the head, let the small of your back spread and feel your centre become grounded and stable through your neutral spine position. Keep focusing on your breathe as you begin each ride.


Why Being Mindful Can Help You?

The more we practice being mindful the more it can truley come into action when it really counts. These steps can be applied each and every time you try sitting trot, when you go to an event and the nerves are coming in or simply just as a daily practice to help you get the most out of your riding.

Being successful at anything isn’t just about the physical aspect, its also about the mental aspect and the more you become aware of your body through being more mindful the more you will be able to become a balanced, stable and relaxed rider ready to deliver those subtle aids to your horse. It is then that you and your horse will truly be able to shine each and every ride!

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