Rising Trot With One Stirrup?


I know, that’s what I thought when my trainer got me to do it and man it did made a difference.
I have huge difficulty sitting on my mares trot (and canter for that matter). I tend to go very rigid. This is purely because that is what I have trained my body to do over the last 15 years. For me just doing the sitting trot with no stirrups wasn’t working. I needed to visually have something to do. The words relaxing didn’t work for me so Linda got me doing the rising trot with inside stirrup up then sitting trot. Alternating between the two for 5-6 strides caused me to use the right muscles in my rising trot. It is physically impossible for me to have a wrong rise doing it this way because I can’t be lazy. This then gives me the sensation of feeling for the sitting trot and it becomes far more transferable.

If I spend 5-10 minutes each ride doing this, I can get my sitting trot rhythm happening. However, if I just do rising trot with two stirrups and drop into sitting, I am still at the stage of tightening my hips too much.

For me, I have to think of moving my hips and not relaxing or tensing it. The strength in my core is there but the hip movement isn’t.

Man, she has got such a powerful big trot. I am getting there and I hope it becomes easy sometime soon!!

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