001 – Riding Posture

Discover what good riding posture is, how to achieve it and how it plays a role in your dressage position and your future riding years.

As the first official episode of The Dressage Rider Training Audio Show, we thought it would be appropriate to give you an understanding of the Dressage Rider Training (DRT) System and start with your riding posture.

The Dressage Rider Training systems is made up of four key elements. Stability, Suppleness, Stamina and Mindset. Each of these components as equally important as the other in helping you become the best rider you can be and achieving Coalescence.  Each of these elements come together to help you move as one with the horse.

To begin with though, lets discuss what riding posture is and how you can begin to improve it today.


Why We Need Good Alignment

Posture is vital as a rider, not just for appearances, but for good alignment and prevention of injury. As your DRT Trainer (Nicola Smith) I runs through in this episode what good riding posture is and why it is important to maintain and what can happen when you have poor posture.

I also give you useful tips on how to maintain your posture and set it up throughout the period of your day so that when it does come to riding, its easier to maintain.

Tune in here or where ever your favourite source is at youtube, itunes, podbean, stitcher or spotify. My aim is to bring you an episode a week, so if you have any thing you would like me to discuss please do let me know.

I look forward to bringing you what I can and helping you improve your health and wellbeing as a rider, so you can enjoy it even more.


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