005 – Dressage Rider Training System And Why Mindset Matters

Understand why mindset plays such an important role in dressage and all horse riding. Learn how you can begin to improve it today.

This episode I wanted to Introduce the DRT System and why mindset is such a huge component this.

Dressage is a team sport. We work with our horse to train & perform beautiful dances together, creating a common language & forming an unbreakable team bond. Our ultimate goal is to synchronize, to move as one with our horse. This coalescence is the pinnacle we strive for.

In order to achieve this, we need to understand the four elements of the DRT System and in the episode I go into detail on each of these and why mindset is just as important as the other three components.

Dressage is a subjective sport and so much is out of your control. Your mindset and your ability to nurture positive thoughts, focussing on your own goals and what you can control is the single most valuable life skill you could have.

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world and if you want to change your external world you need to change your internal world.

Tune in here or where ever your favourite source is at youtube, itunes, podbean, stitcher or spotify. My aim is to bring you an episode a week, so if you have any thing you would like me to discuss please do let me know.

I look forward to bringing you what I can and helping you improve your health and wellbeing as a rider, so you can enjoy it even more.


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