21-Day Hip Suppleness Challenge

The ultimate key to a soft, kind seat & masterful control

Unlock fluidity & connection with every ride

Do you ever feel stuck, rigid, tight or stiff in the saddle? 

Do you struggle with bouncing, trying desperately to find that effortless sync with your horse, but you just can't seem to gain fluidity?

Is your posture not as good as it could be? Maybe your toes point out, or you are unable to get your legs to drape down over the horse in a relaxed state.

Do you ever have aching hip joints after your rides? 

Or maybe you dream of a ride so smooth it feels like flying. You may have felt glimpses of this magical feeling in the past, but you want it to be more consistent, for it to last longer!

If you relate to any of these, you are not alone. I've helped over 21,000 riders in 81 countries transform their experience in the saddle, and these problems identified above are THE MOST COMMON PROBLEMS that riders face, no matter where they are in the world.

21,000+ Participants in 81 Countries

It is highly likely that someone in your town has completed one of our programs and achieved great results. 

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Redefine your relationship with riding

If you ever get stiffness, bouncing, poor posture, or aching joints from riding, it doesn't need to be like this. 

You don't need to put up with this status quo and resign yourself to the fact that it won't change. 

Unlocking your fluidity and connection in the saddle is something I can help you achieve, and it's simpler and easier than you might think.

Just by being here and reading this, you are on the cusp of a breakthrough that has the power to redefine your relationship with riding forever.

That's a big statement I know, but keep reading, and I'll explain what might be the epiphany in your riding you've been searching for.

It's time to fix the root cause of the problem, and regain that magical feeling of harmony with your horse.

It may or may not be a secret, that hip suppleness is the key to your riding longevity. Your hips play such a critical role in how you move in the saddle.

Always work back to the root cause of the problem. If you are experiencing any of the problems I mentioned earlier, such as stiffness and tension, or lack of fluidity in the saddle, it all stems back to having a lack of hip suppleness.

Have you paid enough attention to this aspect in the past? Have you ever dedicated as much time to your own suppleness training as perhaps you dedicate to improving your horses suppleness in their training?

Hip Suppleness improves your daily life

It won't just be riding in the saddle that you will transform with this program.
Because hip flexibility matters in your daily life too.

Reduces your back and knee pain

It's true that tight hips can cause back and knee pain. Squatting or running with tight hips causes dysfunctional movement patterns. Your body is trying to do the best that it can to still operate, but in doing so it is overloading your back and/or knee joints in ways they are not designed for. This compensation occurring in other joints can be fixed by improving your hip movement. You will dramatically reduce the chance of injury and wear and tear of other joints when you address your hip suppleness.

Become even more active

Most horse riders are generally very active people, taking care of their horses demands this. But do you find it easy? What about playing with your children or grandchildren? Freedom from stiffness or tension makes movement fun and accessible again.

Gain better quality of life

Constant stiffness or aching can affect your mood, your relationships, your happiness. Suppleness in your joints gives you this sense of freedom and space, of vitality. It's hard to put into words, but it improves your life in subtle ways. Your daily tasks and other hobbies will directly benefit from what I'm about to guide you through with this program.

Follow this program & get results

This program is a 21-day blueprint, that contains 42 tailor-made stretches designed to target the specific areas that will directly address your hip movement in the saddle.

It's only a daily bite-sized commitment.

It takes just 15 minutes per day to create profound change. Weave it into your daily routine, and fit it easily into your busy schedule.

Make a long-term transformation. 

This is not about quick fixes, instead this program will give you lasting change that will elevate your riding enjoyment for years to come.

Empower all aspects of your life. 

My aim is to give you the knowledge and reasoning alongside the action, so you understand why we are doing what we are doing in the program. The goal is to empower you with this knowledge so you can embed this into your daily life, making decisions that support and enhance your hip health and supple seat, becoming part of who you are.

Targeting the needs of horse riders

When I mention hip suppleness, it's not just about basic stretching. There are over 21 muscles, plus a complex network of fascia, that dictate your hip mobility for riding.

As a rider, you have specific loads that your hips are put under in the saddle. To gain hip suppleness that translates directly into saddle performance, requires strategic, precision-targeted stretches, deep fascial work, and education that transforms your approach to riding and self-care.

You are going to learn not only WHAT to do, but you will be given the knowledge as to WHY we are doing what we do in this program. This gives you the confidence and tools to maintain these changes long after you finish this program.

What is included in this program?

21 Video Sessions

This Hip Suppleness program consists of 21 daily videos, each session being 15 minutes duration. Simply press Play on the video, and I will guide you through the session.

Each session has a specific group of hip muscles we are targeting, that is directly related to your riding form and function. 

FREE BONUS! Pre-Ride Warmup Routines

Do one of these 5 minute video routines before you ride, to help loosen and warm your body up. 

You will have 6 to choose from. Each will prepare you mentally and physically, allowing you to turn up to the saddle fully present, and ready to focus on your riding.

How to play the videos...

1. Via our Website

You can play the videos using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV.
Simply push play, and stream the video the same as you would a Youtube video.

2. Via our Mobile App

iPhone/iPad Users - You can also install our mobile app for iOS from the App Store. 

Android Users - You can install our mobile app from the Play Store.

We will give you these details on how to install the app and login upon registration.

Have limited internet?

A key functionality of the app is the ability to save videos to your device for offline playback. This is a great option if you have limited internet connectivity. Simply save the video once, and it will play offline thereafter.

No Equipment Needed

No additional equipment is required to do this program. 

Optional is a yoga mat for comfort. 

In some sessions you will use a chair, couch, towel, a wall... these are all things you will have in your own home.

Your Instructor

My name is Nicola Smith, and I've dedicated the majority of my life so far to being a rider and fitness trainer with Dressage Rider Training.

I am hugely passionate about horses and riding, ever since I was a young girl with my pony 'Smokey' (pic below).

dressage rider training competition photo

My lifetime of riding, combined with my knowledge and experience in Exercise Prescription, give me a deep understanding of the requirements a rider needs in the saddle.

This Hip Suppleness program was born out of the need I had for myself, and that I have also seen in countless others who have been through our flagship Dressage Rider Training program.

I needed to deeply target and solve one of the major handbrakes in my rider performance and enjoyment, that being hip suppleness.

I thought I had pretty good hip suppleness before starting on this journey of self-discovery. However, focusing on my hips with dedication has transformed my riding in a way I didn't think was possible when I started. Truly.

What I have done for myself, I have now created the template for you. If you follow it as prescribed, I know you will make drastic changes and magic will flow in the saddle, just as it has for me.

I can't wait for you to start on this journey of self-discovery. You will be surprised at your hidden potential you can uncover with this program.

Bachelor of Physical Education & Exercise Prescription, Otago University
CHEK Level 2 Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

If your hips feel "tight and uncomfortable" when you first get in the saddle, read Sheila's comments below...

"I am almost 70 and have had issues with my hips after working at a desk for over 35 years and having age-related arthritis.

My hips are often tight and uncomfortable when I first get in the saddle and after riding without stirrups.

The daily stretches in this program are challenging, but with your encouraging guidance and the options provided, those of us at different levels can still get the benefits. 

The educational materials provide helpful information about the hip joints and muscles, the benefits of the work and ways to improve flexibility. After each stretching session, my hips feel so much looser and I feel calm and relaxed. 

I feel that my range of motion has increased and it is easier for me to maintain a better leg position in the saddle. 

The focus on breathing and relaxing during the stretches has helped with my breath and mindset when I am riding. 

I am eager to see what additional changes will come from consistently following the program every day. 

I definitely recommend the Hip Suppleness program to any rider who wants to improve their symmetry and just feel good. Thank you for another awesome program to help us keep improving and doing what we love. I have attached a picture of me with my beautiful mare, Faith."

Sheila Brown, United States

If you would like to mount your horse more easily, or ride for longer without discomfort, hear what Lisa Sheiman has to say...

"I have very tight hips and am not very stretchy in general. Haven’t come near being able to touch my toes most of my life. I also ride a wide-backed Haflinger mare. When I first throw my leg over the saddle, it takes great effort to get my off side leg into the stirrup. 

Then my hips talk to me, loudly, for the first few minutes of the ride, and again after about an hour. It’s my groin muscles that speak loudest. 

My dismount is not a pretty sight! If I’m riding bareback without stirrups to support me, I can only dismount by swinging my leg forward over my horse’s neck. Otherwise, I’m reasonably strong and fit for my age: it’s balance and flexibility that are my biggest issues.

I’ve noticed these changes since completing the Hip Suppleness program one time through:

Now when I mount my horse I can swing my leg over and step right into the stirrup. 

When I sit down in the saddle my hips are okay even before I warm up. 

I can ride longer than an hour without discomfort. 

My dismount still isn’t beautiful, but it’s more fluid and I’m not stiff when I first get off. I am feeling more centered in the saddle (also thanks to DRT 5).

Oh, and I can do something that I think resembles a real Pigeon Pose, and my chair seat is resolving.

I’m still not very stretchy but I can definitely feel a difference after one round of Hip Suppleness. I can’t wait to see where I am after two or three times through.

Thanks, Nicola, for truly helpful programs. My horse would like to thank you, too!"

Lisa Sheiman, United States

If you want to actively improve your leg aids, read Anette François' comments below...

"The hip suppleness program has been very useful already. I am not especially stiff for my 57 years as I still do 3-4 workouts per week, one with my professional sports physio. But I still need to improve my hip suppleness and I actively want to improve my leg aids being able to have them around my horse, heels slightly down at all times…

After 8-10 days into the program I really felt an improvement when riding and I would like to get even further with it so probably I’ll continue to do the 15 minutes every day for some months 🙂"

François, France

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the program?

When purchasing you will receive login details to our website that contains the program. Each day you will receive an email with a link to the session to be done for that day.

You will also be able to install our mobile app to access the program on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Phone/Tablet.

On the website or mobile app, you can push play and stream the video sessions, just like a youtube video.

Can I download the sessions?

Yes you can at the end of the program.

Are the workouts live?

No, the workouts are not live, you can do each session on-demand when it works best for you. 

How long are the sessions?

Each daily session is 15 minutes long. You are welcome to repeat it, or supplement it with a previous session if you want to do longer than this.

Is this suitable if I have very restricted hip movement?

Yes absolutely! In every session I show you modifications so that you can do to make it work for you. If you are having any troubles, you can contact us and we can help you find an adjustment or alternative that will work for you.

This program is about improving your hip suppleness from wherever your starting point may be.

Can I do this if I've had a hip or knee replacement?

Yes absolutely! This program most certainly caters to you if you have had hip or knee replacements. There are options to manage this, and you can ask us for help at any time if you find there is something you cannot do. There is always an alternative!

Can I repeat sessions & go at my own pace?

Yes absolutely. You will have 6 months access to the program on our website and mobile app, so you can repeat the program as many times as you like within this timeframe. At the end of this access time, we will give you the option to continue with membership if you choose.

How long do I have access to the program for?

You will have 6 months of access to the program on our website and mobile app, giving you plenty of time to complete it, and repeat it. At the end of this time we will give you options to continue with membership if you choose. You can also download the program to keep.

Do you provide support & guidance?

Absolutely! I am here to help you every step of the way. We also have a fantastic community of past and current participants both on our website and private Facebook Group. They provide motivation, encouragement and support to each other. Because everyone is on the same journey and shares the same passion. You will love it!

Will this program be too much for me?

It is highly unlikely. Average age of participants is 55, with 20% being age 60+, and 70 year olds complete the program successfully. I am very conscious of the needs of this older demographic. Every session has options to make it easier if needed, and if there is something you cannot do, you can just let me know and we can find an alternative for you to do. As there is always another option!

Do I need any equipment?

No additional equipment is required to do this program. Optional is a yoga mat for comfort. In some sessions you will use a chair, couch, towel, wall... these are all things you will have in your own home.

Can this program be done simultaneously with DRT 1-5?

Yes, this program works perfectly alongside the DRT 1-5 programs. It is highly recommended that you do the Hip Suppleness session later in the day, or early evening, as you do not want to do any strenuous activity for 2-3 hours after the session. This is because the nature of the stretches and timings gives a different stimulus than what you will be used to. It's a unique feeling of the nervous system and fascia fatigue that is resisting and not wanting to let go of its tightness. Your body will quickly adjust to this new stimulus however, and that feeling means you know actual changes are happening.

Will I be fit enough to do this program?

This Hip Suppleness program is very different to the other DRT programs. It does not require a certain level of fitness, the focus is on flexibility and suppleness of your hips, and the nature of the stretches and timings gives a different stimulus than what you will be used to. It's a unique feeling, it's a nervous system and fascia fatigue that is resisting and not wanting to let go of its tightness. You will know what we mean after the first session. Your body will quickly adjust to this new stimulus however, and that feeling means you know actual changes are happening.

Your Commitment

Envision sitting deeper, riding smoother, and connecting more intuitively with your horse. Imagine the thrill of competition, or the peace of a trail, feeling amazing with nothing holding you back. This can absolutely be a reality for you.

If you are ready to rid yourself of the feeling of stiffness, unlock your fluidity and gain an effortless connection with your horse on every ride, don't just dream it.

The results are proven. All that's left is your commitment to starting on the path laid out for you. You and your horse deserve nothing less than making magic happen in the saddle.

Let's do this! You can get started now via the Register button below.

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Gain a deeper seat
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Eliminate joint stiffness occurring before, during or after you ride
Mount your horse with ease and grace
Gain better posture in the saddle
Ride without aches and pains
Enjoy your riding more

My Guarantee to you

I am so confident you will love this Hip Suppleness Program that I am happy to offer you a 30 Day Guarantee.

I want you to be happy with this program. If you start the program & find it is not what you expected, you can ask for a full & complete refund, no questions asked.

We strive for honesty & transparency, we simply want you to be 100% confident in your decision to try this program.

I know this program is going to help your riding, and give you everything you want out of it.

If you have any unanswered questions regarding this Hip Suppleness program, or if you're not sure about something, please do use the chat box at bottom right of the screen to send me a message. I will love to hear from you and help as best as I can.

Helping you be a better partner for your horse.

Kind regards

Nicola Smith

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