Internal Verses External Success

Often in our lives we do things for external praise. Maybe its doing a degree because your parents wanted you…

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How To Relax When Riding

I dislike like the word relax when it comes to riding and being around horses, because the truth is they…

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Is Confusion Holding You Back?

I used to get so very confused! I would get told one thing from one person and another from someone…

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Do You Have A Bad Case Of Comparintinitis?

Yes I know this isn’t a real word, but you will know what I mean by it very shortly. You…

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How To Be A Fitter Healthier More Focused Rider

My goal is to help you shine as a dressage rider and to be able to enjoy riding and achieve your…

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6 Habits That Are Blocking You From Success

Most of us want to live a successful life, right? Whether success for you is achievement in the saddle or…

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Becoming A More Mindful Rider Each And Every Ride

Often we spend so much of our time focusing on our horses when instead we need to focus on ourselves…

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Magnesium. Are You As A Dressage Rider Getting Enough?

Most riders I talk to know all about magnesium for their horse and will ensure that their horse is on…

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How To Create A Healthy Real Food Kitchen For The Dressage Athlete

Becoming a dressage athlete requires you to treat your body with respect and provide your body with nourishing whole real…

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Becoming A Dressage Athlete

I want you to really shine as a dressage rider and in order for this to happen its important that…

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