Your Mind Is Your Secret Weapon

We can enter a competition and worry about whose in our class, what the judges will give us, where we…

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How To Create Calmness In Any Situation

“Negative emotions are just signals, they’re just triggers, they’re letting you know that you are now focused on something outside…

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10 Principles Of Mindset

I believe the better we are as a person, the better an athlete we can become. Having horses in our…

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Dressage Competition Nerves And How To Perform At Your Best

Mastering your competition nerves can really help you to perform at your very best. In this article, I go into…

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The Difference Between Growth And Standstill

The next year is going to go by whether you do something or you don’t do anything. Whether you work…

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Do You Live In A Fantasy?

The person you will become in 5 years time largely depends on these few factors…… The books you read, the…

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The Power Of Tiny Gains

Ever heard the saying, be 1% better each day? Have you ever thought more about this and what impact this…

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Changing Habits And Mastering Routine

You may have heard that your morning routine can set the tone for your day and that your morning routine…

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How You Can Do Anything By Changing Your Mindset

I often get asked questions about running our business and it usually goes along the lines of “What was the…

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Why Living In Your Comfort Zone Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Potential

Many of us, including me, have established a comfort zone in our lives, we have a routine and a structure…

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