There are 4 elements of the Dressage Rider Training System:

Suppleness, Stability, Stamina & Mindset.

They combine to achieve Coalescence.





Stability in the saddle is the most important element of all 4, for without it, all else is irrelevant. When you are stable in the saddle, you can stay ‘glued’ to your horse whichever way it moves. It becomes easier to give clear aids, it boosts your confidence while riding, and it takes care of your joints and ligaments long-term because you are moving correctly.
This is the DRT Training System, a model to help you understand the 4 elements that combine to achieve the ultimate goal of dressage, that of coalescence.

We are currently looking at the element STABILITY.

Stability is achieved through a combination of core strength, balance and alignment. Let’s go through each of these in more detail.

Core strength

Core strength is required to maintain your upright posture in the saddle while the horse moves underneath you in walk, trot or canter. When you are riding you are in a naturally unstable environment because your horse is always moving. The bigger or more unpredictable your horses movement is, the stronger your core needs to be.


Balance is knowing where your body is in space and constantly adjusting to maintain your upright position. Having good balance and body awareness is a learned skill. The better your balance is the more stable you will be in the saddle.


Alignment is being positioned correctly in the saddle so that your joints move efficiently. This is also called biomechanics. Sometimes the saddle we can favour one side of our body, or be slightly twisted, without even realising it! The better aligned you are, the less wear and tear you will put on your joints and ligaments when you move. It also makes life a lot easier for your horse.

So core strength, balance and alignment all come together to create stability in the saddle. Giving yourself a centred and balanced seat can dramatically help your horses movement. It also creates a great picture that judges like to see.

Our Dressage Rider Training program gives you the exact workouts that will improve your stability in the saddle. This is a 12-week online program that gives you everything you need to improve your riding. We only run this program 3 times per year, and would love you to join us on the next one.