Dressage Rider Training Reviews

Read these dressage rider fitness program reviews and testimonials below. These are from riders just like you who have completed the program and then sent me these photos and comments.

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Rachel Baghelai, Crystal Lake, US

The DRT program has helped me and my horse Stormy so much. I lost 2 dress sizes over the three months. And most importantly, I have become a much better rider and Stormy and I have become a team.

Prior to the program, I had always been afraid to canter. Further my stamina was not nearly good enough and I was not pushing Stormy enough. Now we are cantering, and I am in better shape than my horse!

The two of us are working on increasing her stamina for cantering now and are looking forward to riding in some shows this summer.

Susan Kicklighter, Florida, US

It’s very hard to take a selfie when your best friend has an extremely large head! This is Gabe, my 7 yo ottb. We have been together for 3 1/2 years. Never would have seen myself on a young TB but he is the perfect gentleman.

Riding dressage at 56 yo has it’s challenges, especially on a young horse and an inexperienced rider. DRT was just what I needed to improve my athletic abilities, particularly core and balance. I looked forward to my workouts daily.

I accomplished things I never thought I could be capable of: Hindu squat, balancing on Swiss ball, and 30 days of stirrup less riding.

The workout has options for all levels and Nicola is positive, encouraging, and genuine in her efforts to help you reach your full riding potential.

Can’t wait for # 2! Thank you so much!

Shawn Maurice, Texas, US

I loved your program and I would sign up for a second round!

Pamela Knudsen, WA, United States

The program was fabulous. For someone coming back from an injury, the program definitely helped me regain not only my confidence on my horse but also the muscles and skills necessary to do so. Both of my trainers have commented on how much better I am in the saddle than I was before the program.

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