Is Confusion Holding You Back?

I used to get so very confused! I would get told one thing from one person and another from someone else. Its not that either of these to concepts were wrong as such, its just that my understanding of what was trying to be achieved was limited and I was relying on this one persons information to solve my issues.

The truth is there are so many amazing teachers out there and the key is to learn from them what applies to you in this moment. To never stop learning and to never stop seeking more knowledge. I often remember things I got taught in a lesson 3 years ago that I simply didn’t get at the time and its often a ride today that I get an epiphany and ah hah moment and that one sentence I now get and truly understand and can achieve that feeling.

How often do stop growing because you are simply confused and unsure of ‘how’ to take the next step?

Confusion or a lack of clarity is everywhere in our society and in our sport. Here’s the thing; confusion kills potential and limits your growth. Confusion is the death of all possibility. When you become confused, plateau or hit an issue that you are unsure of how to solve. Don’t stop, don’t throw a pitty party or blame around. Instead embrace it, as this means you are on the cusp of learning something new. Get excited that you have to go out and expand your knowledge to over come this stumbling block. Nothing is ever smooth sailing and you don’t know what you don’t know. So surround yourself with knowledge, get lessons, read books, develop an understanding of what you are trying to achieve and apply it to where you are at.

When we say, “I don’t know” we are either saying, “I don’t want to” or we are closing off the opportunity to take action or make a decision that will have an impact on our progress. It may be big, it may be small but either way, if we sit in confusion, we will never know.

Let’s face it, asking and answering the hard questions and hunting out the answers takes will power and commitment. Saying “I don’t know” is much easier.

So in order to grow and to achieve your goals, it requires us to show up, to participate (no matter what other people think) and it forces us to acknowledge one simple truth:
“you don’t know what you don’t know”.

We aren’t built with all the answers inside of us, we have to hunt them out. Learn, read and educate ourselves to find the answers that fit you and what you are trying to achieve.

When you sit in confusion it lets you off the hook from standing up and seeking out growth, from stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things.

There is nothing wrong with being confused, its how we overcome that that truly matters.

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