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  • How to identify your imbalances so you don't affect your horses movement
  • 3 specific stretches you should do before every ride that will allow your horse to move more freely beneath you
  • Some core specific exercises every dressage rider should do to improve your stability in the saddle

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Susan Kicklighter
Florida, US

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Shawn Maurice
Texas, US

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Sarah Baldwin
Perth, Australia

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Pam Knudsen
Washington, US

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Erica Larson
Kansas, US

Thank you so so so much for providing answers I never thought I’d find in my riding, or that I thought would take way way longer to develop.

It makes it so much more fun to feel more correct and confident more quickly in what I’m doing and to be able to communicate to my horse more effectively!

He tries so hard for me, now I can feel better about what I’m doing for him!”

– Erica Larson, Kansas United States

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About The Author


My name is Nicola Smith. I am a personal trainer & wellness coach who also happens to LOVE dressage.

I've applied my knowledge in biomechanics & scientific core training to help fix the specific issues that dressage riders face. 

My passion for dressage is what led me to create the Dressage Rider Training guide & website, applying what I know about human health and wellbeing to the dressage athlete. As a rider myself, I understand your needs as a dressage athlete.

We spend so much time training our horse that often we forget about ourselves. YOU are just as much a part of the team as your horse, so you want to make yourself strong, supple & engaged.

Don't let it be you that is holding your team back!