Feel like your dressage riding is rubbish right now?

Feel like you are just stuck in a rut and can’t improve.

Maybe you feel like your holding your horse back and should give this whole thing up.

First, and foremost.

If you are feeling this right now, here is my big virtual hug coming your way. And know that you aren’t alone in these feelings. It’s a tough sport.

I’m not going to say every rider goes through this, because I don’t know every rider. But hand on heart, I know exactly how you are feeling, and I know SO MANY riders who go through these exact emotions, and it’s actually a really common thing. So you really aren’t alone.

And truth be told, you will probably have these exact emotions roll on in again in the future too.

It’s ok. It will pass.

Here’s what I have found to help me.

First, know that emotions come and go.

Ride the wave because right around the corner will be that ride where you will feel like an absolute rockstar!

Everything clicks and its magic!

Second, focus on what you can control. Don’t compare to others; focus on you and your partnership with your horse.

Third, look for small gains. I have talked about 1% gains before, and these apply now more than ever. What small things can you do to get a small gain?

Maybe it’s your fitness and nutrition, so you have more energy and stamina.

Maybe it’s learning more about riding, so get some books and learn from the greats.

Maybe its surrounding yourself with inspiring riders, head to a clinic as an observer and pick up some tips.

Maybe it’s videoing yourself, being your own coach, and seeing what you are feeling.

Maybe it’s just having some fun with your horse for a week and letting go of the pressure.

There are so many ways in which you can find little wins. Find what works for you.

And these matter more than ever when you are in this phase of the emotional roller coaster that comes with riding.

So look for small ways in which you can get small improvements and celebrate your journey.

The truth is, for me personally, whenever I hit these sorts of moments when I look back, these were the times I grew the most.

Because it forces you to think outside the square and take ownership of what you can control, and when you do this, this is where you grow.

So chin up, buttercup; you aren’t alone. And you have got this!

You will look back on this moment and be proud of yourself for taking that small step forward.



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