Do You Live In A Fantasy?

The person you will become in 5 years time largely depends on these few factors……

The books you read, the podcasts you listen to, the people you spend the most time with, the food you eat, the daily habits you adopt and the conversations you engage with.

Don’t fall into the false illusion that just because you dream and think about it, you will become it. Doing nothing but dreaming is a fantasy.

You see your life will depend on how you nurture your mind. Your riding will depend on how you nurture your mind and reaching your goals will also depend on how you nuture your mind.

Mindset is everything.


Growth mindset changes the meaning of failure, therefore failure becomes your greatest teacher. Even someone with a growth mindset, failure can be an extremely painful experience, but the growth mindset doesn’t let it define them and doesn’t let it stop them. They grow from failure.

People who are successful aren’t lucky or just have this stuff figured out either.

They have worked on their mindset and they have learnt it from resources that are available to all of us and in most cases are free. It’s also not just one book or one video either. It’s a constant choice to continue to learn, listen and read the information that helps them grow and then apply that information and learn from it.

And most importantly they work at it daily.


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