Keep Your Bucket Full

Energy is the currency of life and we all know the impact our energy levels have on our lives and our riding.

When we’re feeling healthy and happy we begin to believe we can conquer the world. However, when we are tired, run down and worn out everything becomes so much harder to achieve.

Too often the simplest tasks become the most challenging to complete? Our patience can be almost non-existent alongside very little room for anything requiring will power.

So how do you go from doing things naturally in a state of calm to becoming wreckless, clumpsy and irritable?

I like the way James Clear puts it, is to think of our health and energy as a bucket of water. There are things that fill our bucket and things that drain it and the key is to constantly keep it in check and never let it get too low.

Naturally in life, there are a lot of things that can drain us. In fact, most people will be involved in daily tasks that drain you. Being productive and hard-working means that you will often be involved in activities that will take your energy away.

That is why it is so important to constantly be aware of your state.

How full is your bucket?

If you notice it getting low, make sure to set time aside for those things in your life that replenish you. Things like rest, sleep, good nutrition, quiet time/meditation, laughter, alone time, nature and of course time with your horse are all great ways to help fill you up and keep you thriving.

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