What Is Standing In Your Way?

Sometimes we can get stuck on the treadmill of life and start to observe others lives as better than ours or we compare other situations to our own with the grass is greener mentality and social media is a fabulous place to get stuck with comparinitis. I don’t think anyone is immune to this, however how you can stop yourself getting sucked into a bad frame of mind is by having clear and focused goals in which you are striving towards.

You see when you are on your path and you are commited to it, you don’t get stuck into comparing, you can simply observe others, appreciate we are all on different journeys and not have it affect you. In order for this to happen though you need to step out of comparing and start to take action to help make your own goals a reality, we can’t just wish for them.

To get started, you can clarify your priorities and get your life on track by asking yourself these two simple questions:

What do I truly desire?


What is standing in my way?

These two questions really get to the crux of the matter, because they ask you to be direct and honest way. They nudge you to open the dialogue with yourself about your deepest desires and the habits that may be blocking their path.

These simple questions are where you get started.

What follows is completely up to you.

You may be saying to yourself that things aren’t that easy. Your life just isn’t that simple. There is x, y, and z to be considered. And what about this thing over here? Or that other thing over there?

I’ll be honest, we all have our roadblocks, obstacles and our doubts and fears. Especially when it comes to big life decisions and making a radical change in the way we structure our lives. We let our big “buts” stand in the way of what our heart truly wants.

Maybe your “but” is large, heavy, and well developed. Maybe you’ve taken that “but” to the gym every day for the last decade, reinforcing those excuses over and over until you feel like you can’t move anymore.

Well, now’s the time to start shrinking that “but”!

Rearranging your life so that it more closely reflects your priorities is where you start. We all know, on a deep level, what things are really important to us at the end of the day, and what things light us up inside. We also happen to be really good at spinning off into worst-case scenarios and allowing our fears to keep us stuck, letting each year fly by on autopilot. and allow our days to be on the treadmill of just life.

Until one day something big happens that makes us take a reality check. A loved one dies, the stock market crashes, morgage rate changes or we get a scary diagnosis.

These catastrophic events always throw our priorities into line,  but what if we could mindfully clarify them today without the need for something big to happen?

What if we could decide right now what kind of life we want to be living, and make the courageous leap into making that happen.

Don’t wait for a tragedy to strike or for a personal loss to be your wake up call.

Make the changes you want to make now.

All it takes is two little questions.

What do I truly desire?


What is standing in my way?



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