What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

Everything is a story we tell ourselves, we have an inner dialogue that is either positively wired or negatively wired. We either believe we can achieve our goals or we create stories as to why we will never achieve them.

There are so many made up stories (epic ones and terrible) in our mind and in order for you to succeed and shine as the true self you have got to become aware of your stories and the chatter that you have going on in your head. Awareness of this is the first step and creating the right stepping stones to recreate and rewire those thoughts into better ones is the next step.

When we know what we want to achieve we can tell a story that makes us excited and that lights a fire within. So first be aware of the story you tell yourself and stop telling yourself the negatives stories and lying to yourself. When we tell ourselves the story that we will never get there, never have the time or feel healthy, you will never be good enough or as good as so and so. Saying you will never have enough money to afford what you want or that you will never achieve those goals is the type of thought patterns you need to reframe.

When we affirm to your mind that you lack what it takes over and over again, you will constantly be lacking no matter what you look at. Instead be clear about what you want, what lights you up, what makes you happy, what do you want to achieve. Be sincere and genuine and make this unique to you.

Now set achievable goals and milestones to help you get there.

Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s goals are different. Often a negative mindset comes from no clear direction. When we get lost. Stepping stones on a journey are what keep us on track, when we achieve those stepping stones we gain confidence, determination and feel more successful on our journey. It’s this process that can then help you believe that you can achieve. Having the roadmap that suits your path outlines the steps you need to take.

This creates a vision of how to get there.

So instead of constantly telling yourself a negative story, choose a different story that is aligned with your true self and what your goals are and start to create action steps to achieve those. Then back yourself 100% along the way and take action towards making that story a reality.

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