How To Avoid Quitting

No one likes quitting or giving up on their goals and dreams in life, but so often I see people…

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Adjusting Your Goal Posts To Suit You

As a rider its important that we set goals, but equally important is that those goals are realistic and appropriate…

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Learning How To Get More Energy

We live in a fast passed modern world with a mentality that it’s all about work hard or go home…

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How To Build Your Rider Confidence

Whether you’re at a competition or just training your horse at home our confidence can hold us back. When I…

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A Celebration To The Equestrian Community

Recently I have come to really appreciate and value the tight connection that runs through the horse community. You hear…

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Hydration And Its Role On Your Rider Performance + Sports Drink Recipe

100% of your body’s cells reactions need water. This happens every millisecond! A dehydrated body lacks energy, motivation and slows…

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Embracing Incompetence In Your Dressage Riding

Dressage is a challenging sport. While an elite dressage rider may make riding look effortless, you can be rest assured…

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What’s Your Learning Style and Why It’s Important For Dressage Riders

The last time you probably thought about learning styles was when you had your head in books and studying madly…

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How To Improve Your Energy So You Can Ride More

We could all use a little more energy. Whether it’s energy to get up in the morning and start the…

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Dealing With Stress To Improve Your Riding

Whether you’re an elite dressage rider or someone hopping on a horse for the first time, we all experience stress….

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