5 Exercises To Test And Improve Your Rider Symmetry

What goes on in our body is more often than not reflected in our horse when we ride. From a…

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How Mobility And Yoga Can Help Your Riding

When you’re in your twenties, it seems you can go a 110 percent at the gym, a charity run, or…

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How To Set Up Neutral Spine For Dressage Riders

In this article I discuss neutral spine for dressage riders and why it’s important to understand. Learn what neutral spine…

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Dressage Posture – Improve The Health Of Your Spine

Great posture is one of the keys for a balanced horse that’s connected with their rider. That’s because spine health…

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Dressage Exercises For Toe Position And Correct Leg Alignment In Saddle

Here are some great dressage exercises for toe position when you are in the saddle. Improve how your leg sits…

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The Role Our Adductors Play In Dressage Position

As dressage riders, our adductor strength plays an integral role in our seat. The adductor muscles, located in our inner…

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The Ultimate Core Exercise For Dressage Riders

Core strength is vital for dressage riders to remain balanced and connected with the horse. It’s not the type of…

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Using A Balance Ball To Improve Your Seat In Dressage

Establishing balanced seat bones and a strong core is vital for dressage riders to move freely with their horse. A…

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Dressage Rider Exercises For Improved Fitness

Here are some great dressage rider exercises to help improve overall rider fitness and stamina. By including them you will…

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How To Engage Your Lower Abdominals For Dressage Riders

Learning how to engage your lower abdominal muscles is crucial for a quiet and independent seat. Postural strength helps you…

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