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Read these dressage rider fitness program reviews and testimonials below. These are from riders just like you who have completed the program and then sent me these photos and comments.

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Helen Crouch – Texas

Nicola and Ben,

DRT 4 challenged me to the core in a healthy way. The yoga was especially beneficial in stretching those tight spots of the body after working at a desk all day. I also, must comment to the fact that all three of these routines (core, yoga and rider strength) have strengthened my weak shoulder . I had been in physical therapy for over a year prior to COVID-19 due to a frozen shoulder. These routines in DRT 4 have led to more release of my shoulder giving me more mobility. It was subtle but after completing the entire program I realized my shoulder rotation had improved. I lift weights and my trainer (who is a pro) noticed my core strength was stronger and this was all due to this program. She also commented how she thought this program had improved my strength. It clearly has improved my riding and connection with my horses.

You have such a natural ability to lead and motivate with some humor as you are leading us. This is a must program for any rider whether dressage, western pleasure, hunter jumper or just hacking around the pastures.

Thank you both for making this gym available for us around the world. I am grateful you both are using your talents to aid others.

Warm Regards,

Inês Gonçalves Ribeiro – Porto, Portugal

Hello Nicola!

Here you have a picture of me and my girl.

This program helped me to establish a good routine of weekly training that I really want to keep doing!

Thank you so much!

Jessica Sutherland – Auckland, New Zealand

This program has truly helped me with all aspects of my riding, especially dressage. Even with a busy schedule of school and competing, the 3 workouts a week helped me regain my strength and balance and I truly see and feel the difference in both my dressage results which will further help me become stronger as the eventing season gets closer. I am so thankful that I found Dressage Rider Training and the dedication Nicola puts into these workouts really shows through in the results.

Germana Zollesi – Orbassano, Italy

Hello Nicola, I love every DRT. Each one has somethings particular and specific, but DRT 4 is, for now, my favourite. I like strong workout, but DRT 4 has something that i can’t explain well with words. Something about confidence and compliance. While i did it, i’d found my self more confident, not only in body, but in my mind. I know better what i do (sometimes, we only do and with time we under stand what we are doing it). I hope my little thought have a little sense. Thank you and i’m waiting for DRT 5 and its surprise.

Lara Schwartz – Washington, USA

I am so pleased to share feedback about DRT3. This program has been, for me, the best of the three sequences. First of all, the focus on fascia offered me new insights into my body that helped me with my mobility, balance, and comfort. The stretches in particular helped me overcome some nighttime discomfort that had been bothering me for quite some time. Second, the format — four cycles of five exercises – in the core and strength/ fitness sessions was quite helpful for me psychologically. I was recovering from surgery and trying to rebuild fitness lost in a long illness, and I found that thinking in terms of one minute at a time rather than 20 minutes at a time enabled me to fire up my motivation better. I also think that this format helped me with a new mindset I’m trying to develop in my dressage and jumping– riding in the moment I’m in .

Although I am still working to get back to my pre-illness weight, the thing I find most remarkable after doing all three programs is my balance. I have always been a somewhat clumsy person, but I now have the best balance of my life. I also have improved my upper body and arm strength. The other day my husband and I were putting away some groceries and without thinking of it, I put an 8 pack of seltzer cans into the refrigerator with one hand. My husband remarked that I had very good hand strength and it occurred to me that all of the down dog and related exercises has changed my strength.

Finally, I will say that your reminding me not to grimace has made me aware of that both during the routines and on horseback, and it’s really helping with my relaxation.

In terms of future programs, I would really love to see a DRT sequence that explicitly incorporates the exercises with the mindset of relaxation and focus. I think it would be particularly great to have some video routines that require us to experience exertion, focus, and calm relaxation for an interval similar to a dressage test or cross country course (4-7 minutes) .

I look forward to DRT4 and hope this note adequately expresses my gratitude for your program.

Jennifer Matsue – Glenville, USA

As with so many others, I have physical limitations – in my case, I suffered brain trauma six years ago that left me with a sensory integration disorder and issues with proprioception on the left side of my body. A year into my recovery, and as part of my rehabilitation, I resumed riding. My childhood passion was rekindled and I realized that I wanted to own my own horse again. Meet my equine partner, Oliver, a 2013 KWPN/TB Gelding. Together, we are learning classical dressage, reshaping both our bodies one centimeter at a time. His injury was really devastating at first, as I care deeply about his well-being, but once we had his treatment sorted, I then worried about the negative impact of months out of the saddle. After recovering myself from several weeks of COVID, I was able to begin DRT1 and am now on Week 5. I do a lot of body work and have tried many programs, always thinking about ways that exercises can be organized to improve my riding. DRT does this for us in an accessible and digestible way. The flexibility provided by the on-line format is the only way I can fit the routines into my schedule and the thorough research and related articles are interesting and informative. Last week I began to tack-walk Oliver at the walk. Even though I had not ridden in 10 weeks, I was able to hop back on with open hips and a firm(ing) core. I’m hooked and looking forward to finishing all the DRT programs!

Morgan Thomas – Tullinge, Sweden

DRT4 was the culmination of a year of training unlike anything I have done before. I realize now (thanks to the educational material) that I had not been approaching my fitness as an athlete in a specific sport. General, all-round fitness will not get you to higher marks in a dressage test. Adding a few extra crunches is not enough to turn it into “sport specific training” either! The DRT series is possibly unique, I certainly can’t find anything that is similar to it for dressage.

All the DRT programmes provide a holistic system of training, everything supporting everything else, and it is very professionally constructed. In DRT4 everything we had been working up to in previous programmes kicked in – and it was hard! But going through the previous three programmes had prepared me. I’ve done HIIT training before, as well as yoga and weight-lifting, but not systematically and not with a complete end-to-end vision either. If you trust in the process of DRT then the results will come. Personally, over the last year I have raised my average test score by about 5%, and received comments from my trainer and even people I hardly know about the improvements in my seat. Riding feels different, I feel quicker and I never get tired (I’m 52 and ride my 178cm warmblood six days a week).

DRT4 is a definite step-up from DRT3, particularly in the core workouts. Maybe that’s just me, of course! As usual, being able to adjust the exercises was very useful, but I still ended up sweaty and gasping for breath at the end. of the core and strength workouts, much more so than in DRT1-3. For the first time ever I had to take the simpler options in many cases. But of course, now I can go through the programme again and try to increase the difficulty level.

I wouldn’t feel I could manage a DRT5 yet though! One more time around with DRT4 first. Thanks Nicola for creating a major building block in how I approach my sport, it has made a massive difference.

Kathy Holcomb – Woodland, CA

I was never good at sticking to an exercise routine, but that changed with Dressage Rider Training. Three 20-minute sessions a week are so easy to fit into my schedule and the results are transformational. I’m just finishing DRT2 and will repeat it before moving on to DRT3. I’m hooked.

Before starting the program, I’d fallen from my new horse several times and my confidence was shot. I work with a dressage instructor and now a dressage-riding sport psychologist, but needed to work on my physical abilities, too. A friend told me about DRT. During a recent lesson, my horse spooked and then threw in a little buck. I stayed on! I absolutely credit DRT for a stronger core, stronger overall position, and faster reaction. My instructor cheered, “Your seat never left the saddle!”

One thing I love about Nicola is her calm, positive, encouraging tone–and her smile–as we go through the exercises (as opposed to overly-excited, shouting exercise gurus). Nicola explains how the exercises are geared to what we need as riders. We use muscles no other sport does, after all.

As a bonus, I get to brag to whoever will listen that this 66-yr-old can kneel on an exercise ball while lifting a 5-pound weight!

(My horse has headshaking syndrome. The lycra mask he’s wearing in the photo seems to help.)

Lena Roeder – Colorado, USA

I am a 60 year old rider that started riding again 8 years ago after a 30 plus year break. I have always maintained a good level of fitness through running, cycling and a variety of outdoor activities. However, as I began my journey of learning to ride correctly, it became clear that some of my core muscles were long neglected. DRT 1 and 2 really targeted my weak areas and I immediately became more straight, balanced and effective in the saddle. Both of my horses became much calmer and more willing as my cues became much more clear and concise. We all say thank you very much!

Magda C – Zemst, Belgium

I came across DRT while looking for exercises for equestrians. On a whim, I signed up- the only regret I have is not having done this sooner. The programme is well put together, both in terms of progressive difficulty which really translates to results as well as in terms of individual session lengths which find a perfect balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone and finishing just before pushing it too far. Putting the work in really pays off- I have become stronger and more supple (and can even do some exercises that would have been way out of reach a couple months ago). In my riding, I have seen improvement in my position and condition (and so has my trainer!). On top- Nicola is fantastically motivating, both in the videos and in the incredibly supportive DRT community group. Can’t wait to sign up for the next level and can only wholeheartedly recommend the programme.

Heidi Wells – Washington, USA

The Dressage Rider Training program 2 is just as great as the first! After every work out, I feel fitter and better about myself and my riding. If I am having an off day, I do a work out and it makes the rest of my day go better knowing I’ve done something to improve myself. I noticed a big difference in my stability when riding my hanoverian cross and I know she appreciates my improved fitness and quietness. My husband has even noticed a difference in my shape :). Can’t say enough about this program. I recommend it to my riding and non-riding friends alike.

Mary, NS Canada

Sporting several long term sports injuries, I thought DRT1 might be too ambitious for me – so I am elated to have just completed DRT2. At 64 and just 3 years into riding (dressage), my injuries are now better protected by the strength I have built around them – and my balance, agility, evenness, flexibility and overall strength have all improved dramatically. Now I have the strength and control to engage the independent body parts I need as I ride – so amazing! Matt is happier too.
(I don’t have many pics of me on my guy Matt but this is us in the Egg n Spoon race in our barn fun horse show – I won trail and command!)

Emma Burgess – Kirdford, UK

Hi, I did the DRT 1 course earlier this year. It interested me because it was designed by a fitness expert specifically for equestrians. I previously rode at advanced level dressage but showjump my current horse. I had two nasty falls last year which resulted in a lot of fractures. I wanted something which would help increase my strength and balance in the saddle and the DRT1 programme delivered. I’d recommend it to jumpers as well as dressage riders – many of us juggle very busy lives and our own fitness is given too low a priority despite being an essential part of effective riding. DRT1 is manageable within a busy week and very varied, all of which makes it easier to stick to.

Anne Rose – Kent, UK

I have had a lower back injury and can currently only ride very infrequently (2-4 times max per month). On starting DRT 1 my body was in very poor shape and I really struggled. After 2 – 3 weeks of puffing (and cursing!) I actually started to really enjoy the programme! I have just finished DRT 1 and I feel great – no more back pain and a much fitter body. I have lost 3 kilos and feel far more toned. Im still only riding twice a fortnight but when I do my balance is so much better and most importantly I have no problems with my back.
Roll on DRT 2!

Daria Plyplina – Moscow, Russia

Hi Nicole,

I am a deep admirer of your program 🙂 It helps me in many ways. First I love Swiss ball exercises. I haven’t fully mastered it yet, but surprisingly I can stay on the ball for some time. In DRT1 I could not. Swiss ball improves balance on the horse big time. Second, I use your exercises as a break during sitting working hours. It’s not long and fits the working schedule perfectly. And good for those who sits in front of the computer. And finally it keeps me fit for my riding. There is a big difference between me riding after I have done the exercises during the day and after I haven’t done it.

I attached some recent photos of me and my girl:)

Meantime I open my own small stables close to the bigger barn. I keep my two horses their and rent out two spots. Such an interesting activity. I attached the picture of my barn))

Hopefully I will make it to DRT3.


Nicky Marshall – Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Nicola,

Well…it is not too dramatic to say DRT has changed my life. Being over 60, and returning to riding, I knew I needed strength & flexibility coming out my ears, and was recovering from a broken collarbone from a fall from a bucking TB too.

On FB people were sharing DRT news so I took the plunge about a year ago. Now I am nearing the end of DRT 3!

Physically I feel great and it has improved my riding out of sight. Because it is targeted to make you a better rider, it is so efficient, an easy 20 minutes of a cheerful Nicola doing it with us and explaining the reasons for it all. She has options and encourages us to push it within safe limits.

There are so many extras, homework, insightful emails and articles about nutrition, mindfulness, focus and so on, plus the beautiful online community is (brilliant in the saddle and) so humble and supportive.

Even non riders should look at this. I have been a non-exerciser all my life, trying things & desperately hoping to find something sustainable. Now I will go back over everything & DRT will remain a lifelong habit.

Thanks so much to you & the team.
Nicky Marshall

Debra Freeman – Gaborone, Botswana

Dear Nicola and team

I am Debra from Gaborone, Botswana I have 2 horses and compete in dressage at small tour level and show jumping to a lesser degree. I am almost 50 and I have had cancer twice so my body has been through a lot.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course I love the fact that you can do it in your own time , that the sessions are separated for time management and that you can refer back to the different weekly work outs.

Sadly I had to have an operation so I did not finish the program but this week I will pick it up from week 8 and this is what is so helpful with this course.

I also really appreciate Nicolas e-mails motivating and supporting you on an emotional level as riding alone is hard so the support and motivation is much appreciated.

I was enjoying the feeling of better suppleness through my body and I was able to do my sitting trot with more fluidity – both these areas are what I was targeting. I also felt more centered and better able to execute the canter pirouette work which I have really struggled with.

I will definitely be back for more thank you so much.


Janet Thornburg – Michigan, USA

Hi Nicola,

I am 69 years old and began taking riding lessons for the first time in March 2021. Attached is a photo of me on Lucky, the lesson horse whom I ride most often.

I completed the first eight weeks of DRT 1 before travel prevented me from completing the 12-week program. I found the first four weeks of DRT 1 to be easy; the subsequent weeks are increasingly challenging. I plan to practice weeks 4 through 12 over the coming months before advancing to DRT 2.

Your lessons are a helpful complement to the daily 15-minute flexibility exercises which I have been doing since the age of 22. Your strength-building exercises fill a gap in my previous exercise routine. Thanks to DRT 1, I am more conscious of my balance and coordination head-to-toe as I ride Lucky and other lesson horses. Thank you for helping me improve my health while improving my riding.

Rachel Lovett – Massachusetts, USA

Hi Nicola, I started DRT 1 at the same time I adopted my first horse. I wanted to lose weight and prevent future falls due to a bad fall where I broke my back last year. I definitely feel the program helped me get a more secure seat in the saddle. I didn’t realize how tight my muscles were before I started foam rolling. I’m going to continue stretching for both myself and my horse.

Norma Dvorsky – Ontario, Canada

Hi Nicola, Here I am with Hero (heart horse). This was taken last summer. He’s a 15hh3 RQH, now 14 years old.

I’m a just turned 68 year old rider, back to riding as of 4 years, after a hiatus of close to 50 years!
My coach has told me I’m much stronger & more stable in the saddle. My goal is to be safer & become a better rider.

I feel like all that is happening. I’ve practiced & indeed facilitated yoga (over 750hrs of training) for years. Adding the strength components has been fun & exhilarating. Seeing results is the pay off!
After 12 weeks I just started week 6, though I’ve cycled through week 5 2x.

I’m figuring it out as I go, freer now with course familiarity, to switch things up.
I believe in increasing slowly, challenging my level & being smart & in touch with myself as I do it.

Jenny – NZ/Australia

Hi Nicola and all DRT people. I don’t own a horse but have just been riding in Spain (Epona) on this beauty (an Andulucian PRE). The DRT workouts helped me get some core strength and stamina. I wish I had done more but I will continue. The DRT is fantastic and very relevant. When i come back next time I will aim to have done DHT as well and will sign up for the lesson with Rafael Soto.
A dream! Thank you so much Nicola and DRT!
Jenny, NZ/Australia.

Sara Wheeler – Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Nicola, This is a photo of me and one of my horses, Andy (aka Outlandish). I’ve had him for 8 years and we had a moderately successful career at Show Hunter before I decided to focus him on dressage. We are currently training level 3 and competing level 2.

I’ve found DRT1 has already had a huge influence on my position and strength. Having your words ringing in my ears as I ride has also been an immense help and a constant reminder to focus on my position (a trainer told me a few months ago that my position was holding me back, which is what spurred me on to sign up!). I have also found that I have a lot more strength and am much more able to adjust my body to apply more leg or to adjust my balance. I’m really enjoying the work without stirrups too!

Thanks for providing me with a real sense of purpose with my riding! Can’t wait for DRT2!


Sally Natan – Waiheke Island

I loved doing exercise that was specifically for riding, it kept me on track and motivated as riding is one of my greatest loves and after a bad fall 5yrs ago I’m doing everything I can to not repeat that experience. I loved the extra routines, great addition to the core workouts. Overall a great programme and I’m keen to continue

Cinthia Ane-McGreevy – Florida

Love DRT!
It’s helped tremendously with my core strength and balance!

Juliet Cayzer – New Zealand

Yes, I’ve just finished DRT3!! I didn’t expect to get this far from the start (getting to the end of DRT1 seemed like enough of a mission) but I so enjoyed the regular challenge and ‘discovering’ what the work outs for each week were, so I carried on.

Some of the DRT3 sessions were hard (#4 rider strength, #7 core and those squat jumps in #12 rider strength!) but repeating them before moving on helped a lot. DRT3 followed on beautifully from 1&2 with a similar degree of challenge.

I’m now more fit, strong, supple, balanced, coordinated, and so much better equipped to be an effective rider. I’ll keep it up by repeating the later part of DRT2 then DRT3; it will be interesting to see whether it gets easier over time!

Thanks very much for the program, Nicola, it’s been a great challenge & whilst not always ‘fun’, it sure has been good for me!

Julie Dixon – Nottinghamshire, UK

Hi Nicola,

I have just completed the final week of DRT4.

I will be celebrating my 61st birthday next week and I feel the best I’ve felt for years! I have looked forward to every session and just loved the feeling of getting stronger, fitter and more agile over the weeks (months and years if you go all the way back to when I started DRT1 for the first time).

I am not a dressage rider, but love to get out into the countryside exploring with my horse at home and also riding in other parts of the world whenever I can. I have found the strength, balance and confidence following this programme has given me has made me a better partner for my horse and more able to get the most out of long days in the saddle over all kinds of terrain.

Aside from DRT I attend a yoga class once a week, do lots of walking and have recently started climbing, which is such fun! I feel that all these activities, along with riding and DRT go together so well, each one seems to help the other.

I have really enjoyed the variety and pacing of the programmes and don’t think I would change anything. As you recommend at the end of DRT4 I am now going to restart from week one. I need this programme in my life!

Thank you so much Nicola and team. Your hard work has made such a positive difference in my life – and the lives of many others. Congratulations on creating something so special and for making our time on the mat with you so enjoyable.

Best wishes,


Gillian Leach

Hi Nicola,

Thank you so much for the DRT series.

Early last year when I was 68, I slipped on the stairs and fractured the transverse process of one of my vertebrae. At that stage I had just started week 11 of the DRT 2 program after several restarts due to work, holidays and injuries. Being a horse-riding addict, my first question was when can I ride again. I was told I shouldn’t ride for 3 months.

I was so glad that I had been doing DRT as my increased core strength really helped my recovery. I went to a physio as soon as I was out of hospital. Many of the exercises he gave me were similar to the DRT exercises.

I started DRT 1 again after 5 weeks and started riding my horse at a walk after 6 weeks.

A year later, I have completed DRT 1, DRT 2 and DRT 3 and feel more flexible and fitter than I did five years ago.

Late last year I was able to buy a beautiful young German Riding Pony and this weekend we completed our first dressage competition together bringing home two ribbons. I hadn’t competed for about 3 years and my ring craft was a bit rusty and we had a couple of green moments, so I was thrilled with the results. I found the Competition Mindset meditations were really helpful in getting me mentally prepared.

With the DRT program I feel confident that I can retain my mobility, balance, and strength to take this special Pony up through the levels.

I really notice an improvement in my flexibility after doing DRT 3.

I am now doing DRT 4 and keeping up with most of the harder options.

Thank you for an amazing program which I hope will keep me riding for many years to come.

Sheila Brown – Illinois, USA

Hi Nicola,

I am very proud to have completed the DRT4 program with you. The last strength workout was quite a challenge, but with your positive and encouraging instruction, I pushed to the finish. It was an emotional moment, especially when you pointed out that we had been training together for a year! One of the great things about this program is that it does feel personal, like one is working out at the lovely home of a friend who is also a fitness expert. It is also fun! I loved seeing Elly visiting in the sessions, the beautiful scenery, horses in the paddocks and the occasional chicken.

DRT4 is definitely more challenging than the earlier programs that provide the foundation. You acknowledged that those of us in DRT4 were committed to improving and had created the strength and ability to meet the challenges. The exercises with alternating limbs and weights require a lot of mental focus and body awareness. Working through them I started to think of myself as a Dressage athlete. I can really feel the improvements in my strength, flexibility, agility and endurance. This has translated to more body awareness and confidence in the saddle and the ability to engage more specific muscles and maintain the right amount of tension. At the beginning of DRT1 I could not do a Hindu squat or balance on hands and knees on the Swiss ball and now I can do both. I still cannot yet balance on my knees on the Swiss ball, but I am working on it. (I do the SB exercises with weights with one knee on the ball and one foot on the floor as a modification). I used to get out of breath during my riding lessons, and now I am able to maintain regular breathing through my nose. I have been doing lots of no-stirrup work and feel much more secure and centered in the saddle than I did a year ago.

I struggle with tight hips from sitting at a desk. The yoga sessions, stretches and foam rolling have made a huge difference in my elasticity. I almost always do a yoga session and often one of the conditioning routines to loosen up and develop mental focus on days that I ride. Some of the yoga routines in DRT4 were difficult (especially the positions involving crossing legs at the knees). However, the modifications you offered made it possible to get the benefits from the poses and I have a goal to work toward in the next round.

I appreciate that you demonstrate different options in the exercises and then encourage trying the more challenging options. This is very effective and I am always inspired to work harder. It is really helpful to have safe option to ease off or do slower repetitions to focus on form.

I plan to repeat DRT3 and 4 and look forward to continuing on my journey as a Dressage athlete. The DRT program has really helped me to improve my riding ability and mental focus and made me a better partner to my beautiful horse.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Sheila Brown

Mary – Illinois, USA

Hello, Nicola, I’m so pleased with the DRT program! I completed, then repeated, DRT1. I did every workout, read every educational resource, and listened to every meditation. You are so positive and encouraging. I am stronger, more flexible, more balanced and more mobile. I not only did the riding homework, but started riding bareback. I’m a more confident rider. I tell my horse and non-horse friends alike about the program. I look forward to starting DRT2 next week.

Last summer Lena and I won the World Championship in Novice Amateur Showmanship-at-Halter at the American Ranch Horse Association World Show. This is the photo from that show. I’ve had Lena for 8 years; she’s a great little mare. Just bragging on her a little… In addition to showmanship, I show in several different riding classes in ARHA. I also show in western dressage. With DRT, I’m doing my part to make us a better team.


Janet Mcmanus – Virginia, USA

I have truly enjoyed DRT 3. I found it challenging at times, and have had to go back and repeat a couple of tough weeks in the middle as I didn’t feel I had done them correctly the first time. I know I am stronger, and while the flexibility doesn’t come as far or as fast as I would like, it is better than most women my age (57) and it is slowly getting better.

As of today, I have just one more workout left in DRT 3. I plan to do it tomorrow. I have really appreciated the program and I know that it has helped my riding – and my overall strength.

As DRT 3 was such a challenge, I’ve opted to buy the thumb drive version of DRT 3 and go through the entire DRT 3 program one more time. I know I will continue to get benefits from repeating the work, and I will be more prepared to step up to DRT 4, which I plan to do this fall, or next January at the latest.

Thanks for providing such a great program.


Cushla Fitzwater – Manawatu-Wanganui, NZ

I’ve just finished DRT2 and have developed an awareness of where my body is and what it’s doing that I never thought was possible. I used to feel like each arm and leg had a mind of its own and I had no control over where they went! Now I not only know when they’re wandering off but I can fix it before my poor trainer has to tell me – again about an errant limb.

I had an injury to my hip about 15 years ago that I had done some rehab on initially but would still get up and limp off for a bit before I could walk normally – I didn’t realise how much that was restricting my pony and I felt I constantly had to fix her up for drifting. She’s really pleased that I am now “fixed up” as I had no idea it was me causing the issue – just one of the things I’ve had to apologise to her for I now have no constriction in my hip – so much better for life in general.

When I started DRT1 I often got a cramp somewhere when I was attempting to do one of the moves – that was if I could get there in the first place, now that rarely happens. And I can usually keep pace with Nicola When I did DRT1 I did the 12 weeks then repeated it, with DRT2 I decided to repeat the 4 week blocks which Nicola has conveniently broken it into along with doing the Cathedral Cove Yoga on alternate days which has worked really well for me – I love listening to the waves.

I feel better in myself as well as in my riding – am really looking forward to doing DRT3 later in the year.


Annemarie Yoder DVM

My first 2 schooling shows have gone extremely well and I can thank DRT 4 , Nicola and my patient coach for getting us to this point. All winter I showed up 3 times per week and it made a world of difference in my riding. My incredible horse thanks you, my coach thanks you and I am eternally grateful for your expertise.

Terri Oliver – Guerneville, USA

Hello Nicola,
I loved DRT4. The ability to take on the workouts each week was very motivating. I feel much stronger. My trainer complimented me on improvements in strength and endurance in the saddle. And she does not hand those out very often.

This whole program from DRT1 to DRT4 has provided me with more than just physical benefits but mental ones, too. I’ve gained confidence and calm focus through all the aspects of my life.

Of all the workouts, my favorite and MOST beneficial is the yoga mobility. I do sessions at least 4 times a week. They are now as much of a part of preparing for a ride as grooming and tacking up. These sessions have helped me stay “in the moment” with my horse, which contributes to our strong partnership.

I’m grateful for having found DRT and I’m looking forward to DRT 5 or whatever is next.

Thank you

Nancy Martin – Calgary, Canada

While my career had been on pause, my riding certainly hasn’t! I’ve recently restarted DRT1 as I was experiencing lower back pain that was negatively impacting my life…and riding! My riding has been sporadic these past few years due to either my injuries (pelvic fractures due to a horse) & scoliosis, my horse’s injuries & rehab or moving between Canada and the USA. My last job had me at the computer 8-10 hrs a day and my back/neck was paying the price. I’d signed up with my health insurance’s App-based PT program, and the exercises were hauntingly familiar, so I ditched the App and started DRT1 again.

I was astonished how my flexibility and core muscles had declined, and while I had to do some modifications at the start, in just the 1st 4 weeks of DRT1 the changes in my riding, strength and flexibility were significant! By committing to just 20 min each day, my hips got looser, my upper back became more relaxed and best of all, my riding improved as a result. I was able to open the hip angle, sit up straight, and maintain the position throughout my ride. I’ve combined your teachings with what I’m learning through the Dressage Mastery Academy and swear my horse has been saying “FINALLY”! I’m able to give her more support from the saddle and keep us both in alignment.

I can’t thank you enough for these programs! I’m so glad to have access to your programs (DRT 1&2) and am grateful for the life-time access. This is my hobby and sometimes life gets in the way and we stop doing the things we should, which is why I’m happy to have your DRT programs at my disposal. I use the foam rollers and have been scooping up the additional content you’ve provided.

Why do I love DRT?
Well…..as most of us age, we find ourselves less active than before. Sure, we may still be active, but I’m not as aggressive in my activities in my mid-50s as I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s. There are other medical reason for my slowing down – congenital scoliosis, disc degeneration, trauma to pelvis/hip (riding accident), etc. – all of which are helped by remaining active. Yoga is fantastic, as is strength training, so the DRT programs are a perfect combination!
Many beginners to dressage are so focused on the riding that they overlook the fact that they too must also be in shape. It’s not just the horse that has to build up strength, but also the rider. This is why I feel your DRT programs are so great….the exercises are focused on the muscles & flexibility needed for riding plus the aspect of recovery.

MJ Friedrich – Illinois, USA

Hi Nicola,

I’ve been waiting for my trainer to send a good photo of me with my buddy, Mack, the 26-year-old quarter horse who I have a half lease on. I still don’t have a recent photo, but I’ve attached a video of me and Mack doing a little circuit last week.

I’ve been riding Mack for the last year and a half, after 30 years of being out of the saddle. He’s the most trustworthy of mounts and I love him dearly. I don’t like to push him, but he’s a former competitor who loves to jump. I rode when I was young—my grandfather raised thoroughbred racehorses until I was about 9–but I never had many lessons and never did any jumping. Just I just rode any horse I could and hung on!

Once I started riding again at 60 I was dedicated myself to learning to ride as correctly as I could. I realized immediately that I needed to be as fit as possible. I’ve been able to stay in shape throughout my life by running. In the last few years, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve pivoted from running to spinning and barre workouts. Your program has really built on this workout routine and massively helped me to refine it to achieve the balance and strength needed for riding and jumping. I particularly love the yoga sessions, as that has been missing from my fitness routine, but all 3 aspects of DRT complement each other so beautifully that I hesitate to highlight one over the other 2.

And I must call out the Swiss ball exercises—especially balancing on the ball. I have been able to do all the exercises you’ve introduced, but balancing on that ball was my nemesis in DRT1. I never got the hang of it until DRT2. Somehow, when you introduced it again it wasn’t as hard as the first go round and now I can do every exercise while balancing! I am still shocked that in DRT1 that I didn’t puncture the darn ball and say “uncle,” but I’m really glad I didn’t!!

I just finished up DRT2-–life got in the way—but I’m ready to start DRT3 tomorrow and can’t wait!!

Thank you for these fantastic programs. The exercises are challenging and varied but through it all your kind words of encouragement and support keep me going.


MJ Friedrich

Sharon Rayne – Darfield, New Zealand

I have absolutely loved doing DRT1! As I get older (I’m 57) I know I have to make a conscious effort to keep in shape and my goal is to keep enjoying riding and being active for the next 20 years. After doing DRT1, I feel stronger in my core, more balanced and more flexible than I have for years. The workouts are short and varied and I find them easy to fit into my day. Nicola is so positive and explains every exercise so well, its like having my own personal trainer in the living room. Her warmth and enthusiasm is infectious, I find myself smiling at the end of each session! I haven’t quite tamed the swiss ball yet, but I’m confident I will, then I’ll truly know I’ve come a long way! Thank you Nicola for developing such a fun program that makes a real difference in peoples lives, roll on DRT2!

Bernice Blair – Washington, USA

Hi Nicola,

Last summer, with only 2 DRT 4 sessions left (week 12 yoga and strength), I took a tumble from my bicycle and broke my collarbone. After months of recovery and PT, I restarted DRT with the HPF program (modified to accommodate my weakened right shoulder/arm) and am thrilled to report that today I FINALLY finished DRT 4.

I cannot thank you enough for this program. I started with DRT 1 just before the pandemic lockdown hit and you have seen me through Covid, 2 hand surgeries, a broken collarbone, my 60th birthday, and 2 horse surgeries. On the days when I just didn’t want to, I repeated your mantra – it’s just 20 minutes – and pulled out the mat. And always felt better for it.

I look forward to repeating these programs and seeing your cheerful face encouraging me (and all your other followers) to keep at it and keep getting 1% better!

Jacqueline Graham

Love the program(s) have helped tremendously in tightening my core and overall riding strength.

Here is a pic of me and my Percheron thoroughbred Ivy
Ps I am 65 years young

Susan Fogarty

I recently completed the DRT 1 program. It was so helpful in targeting the areas I was weakest, and developing the areas I needed to strengthen. The emphasis on core strength was especially useful. It is too easy to become complacent in daily routines! Just because we move all day doesn’t mean we’re developing the correct muscles to ride correctly! This was a huge help & I’m looking forward to the next phase!

Marlene McGrath – Virginia, USA

As I finish up with DRT 4 (which made me feel like I was ramping up the strength factor) I can’t imagine life without the DRT program at this point! I’ve gone back a couple of times and done sessions of DRT 1 just to see if I can clearly feel a difference in myself from the very beginning of this journey to the end. At the beginning of DRT 1, I wasn’t sure if I could do it … but quickly became obsessed with wanting to achieve.

The physical difference I feel in myself between the start of DRT 1 and end of DRT 4 is something I wish I could convince others of, that this journey is well worth it. The better balance and strength you will obtain absolutely translates to better riding. The movements that seem so hard at the beginning become easier, while still making you feel like you are improving. I plan to keep membership in the DRT program so I can repeat random sessions all through DRT 1, 2, 3 and 4, and also explore all the other great things you have made available on the website.

Thank you so much for creating this amazing program!!

Marlene (and my horse Prince thanks you too!)

Kate butling – Samobor, Croatia

I am am ex professional rider. 44yrs old. Now working as a chef on a yacht! Just bought my first baby horse in 12 yrs in preparation for going back to land and pro-riding training in the next 2 yrs. But still at the moment only ride in the winter months. Your training system is perfect for me as I can continue my riding fitness and hit the ground running when I finally get back to land!

Robbie Greenslade – Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Nicola, let me tell you a secret. I HATE the term ‘perch’ when it is used to describe a forward tilted seat in riding. My much admired trainer discovered this and has sed it to great advantage for quite some time to get me to quickly sit up straighter. Let me tell you another secret, completing DRT2 has meant that I haven’t heard that term at all this year! I still get the occasional “Sit on your BUM” but the ‘p’ word seems to have left the vocabulary coming through the headset. YAAAY!!! I am finding that with the help of DRT2 I have started to open my hips more when riding, I am becoming more balanced in the saddle, and am able to better balance my horse. There is a looong way still to go, but I really notice the difference in my riding as do other people. Thank you to you and Ben for encouraging me to take the step to take on DRT2 even though I had muddled my way only partially through DRT1. I love the ‘bite sized’ work outs, I enjoy sharing time with you in the mornings (even the ‘cherries’ are something to look forward to in terms of challenge) I managed to finish both DRT1 and 2 this year, and my horse is thanking me for the efforts. Thank you for your inspirational and effective programs!

Caryn – Oregon, USA

Greetings Nicola! I want to start out by saying I’m a long- time participant in your programs. I started out initially watching and doing your introductory stretching/yoga exercises. Then, I took the first commitment leap when I signed up for and completed DRT1. From there, I completed DRT2, DRT3, and am now on HPF looking forward to DRT4. With the structure of your programs I have become more fit for riding than ever before in my life. DRT3 has emphasized the need for upper body strength, upper body posture and the importance of diagonal fascia strength, as well as continuing core rider strength, yoga, and rider strength exercises which have improved my riding immensely. I have made daily exercising a part of my routine. And, my horse thanks you for giving me a more supple and warmed up body before we start our sessions! At 78 years old, I attribute much of my athletic readiness to your programs. Thank you.

Berney Graham – Massachusetts, USA

Hi Nicola,
I’m writing to you with a picture of the horse I ride and a story of my DRT journey. I owned horses as a kid and raised a wonderful Lippitt Morgan from a foal of 4 months old He was just lovely. He has long since passed. I’ve been riding all my life except during the time I was raising my family, but I’m fully back at it now these past 12 years. The picture is of a little Connemara gelding owned by Pine Tree Equestrian Center in Beverly, Massachusetts USA. I do not own a horse now, although I’d love to, it’s just not in the budget, so I take lessons. The little Connemara is named Black Brook’s Kyote and he is the closest horse I’ve found to perfect! He’s a school horse who loves his job, loves people. He loves to event and especially jumping and XC, and he’s trained to a very high level in dressage. We went to two shows last year and I came in first in both!! Unfortunately for me, he’s old; now 24 and his owners have decided to retire him from competition. Certainly that’s understandable. I’m very sad that I didn’t get to ride him more in shows, but I still ride him and I will be riding other horses in competition.

Now for the great part! I LOVE DRT.! You have to understand that I’m now 72 soon to be 73 and your program has taught me more about riding than anything that I have done before!!!! My current instructor loves dressage and has been working with me diligently throughout the winter to improve my position. I was pretty much a self taught rider and with that, all the mistakes of same. Because of your program, I now understand SO much more about my body, the necessary muscles to ride; where they are, from psoas to lats and hamstrings to triceps, which ones need to be braced (like core muscles) to ride well and which need to be neutral (like the spine and shoulders and arms). I would describe myself as strong with good endurance, because I work out on a regular basis, but what I didn’t realize is that I was quite inflexible. Some of this I think is genetic. I’ve never been able to touch my toes for instance, nor can other members of my family; however, working on that flexibility has been an absolute game changer. Also, my balance is SO much better because I now understand where my body is in space and time and on the horse, making his job so much easier. I’ve never found an exercise program specifically for riding and yours is top notch! You taught me where my seat bones are, for example and how to keep them even. And, I have never done Yoga before, nor did I think I ever could, however, I tried it and I have come to LOVE it! I’m not great at it, but I keep doing it, knowing that it all helps and that I’ll get to a place where it all works for me and it’s doing just that. So, basically, your program, combined with a dedicated trainer and some very patient and talented horses, I’m learning more than I ever thought possible.

Right now, I’m doing your DRT program again; now in week 4 as well as the Cathedral Yoga. I’m so glad that I found this program. It’s come as at a perfect time for me and I hope it helps me to keep riding for many years to come. I plan to compete this year in low level eventing 3 phase events and I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to put together such a thorough and thoughtful program!

Yes, I’m an eventer and I jump, but without the correct balance found in dressage, jumping does not go as well without this important foundation. This training will keep me and my horse safe over fences as well, because good balance is needed in all aspects of riding well. Thank you Nicola. Keep up the good work and all the best to you!

Jamie Cearley – Alabama, USA

I first started DRT1 in January of 2020. It took me 12 weeks to make it through week 4. I did this by repeating each week over and over until I could do it somewhat comfortably (keyword “somewhat”). I then had a bad accident on my horse in May 2020 fracturing C3, C4, L4 and L1. After graduating from PT where we discussed the DRT1 program in great detail as I saw it as a way to continue regaining my fitness and strength I began the program again. Much to my amazement I was able to complete through week 4 this time in just 4 weeks. I went on to complete the program in just over the 12 weeks (had to repeat a week here and there) finishing it in November of 2021 just 4 months after being released from PT. By this time I was fully committed to continuing with DRT2. During the month in between finishing 1 and 2 opening for registration I repeated the last phase of DRT1 this time taking some of the more challenging options. I am thrilled to say I have now completed DRT2 straight through in 12 weeks. Amazing. I have not been this flexible, balanced and strong in years. I am now working on getting back to riding and discovering things I never observed or recognized before in my 13 years of horse riding. My balance, technique, feel, and athleticism have all brought big Ah ha moments in just the few rides I have had since my accident. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to feel better and thrive in life, whether it is on a horse or simply doing whatever else you love.

Janet Peters – Monmouthshire, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed DRT2 even though it was challenging at times, especially towards the end.
However I did manage to complete all the moves every week, which gave me a huge sense of achievement. And when my coach asked what I had been doing to improve my core so much, I was over the moon!

Vicky Hammond- Winton, New Zealand

Hi Nicola, I decided to enroll in DRT2 after having previously completed DRT1 twice. I loved the convenience of working out to the USB stick plugged into my TV at home, and being able to work through the levels at my own pace. The program has definitely helped with my flexibility and endurance in and out of the saddle, and I’m now not huffing and puffing half way through a dressage lesson as everything is just so much easier. I do still have lots to work on and improve in my workouts, so I plan to work through DRT2 again over the Winter before considering if I’m ready for DRT3. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their strength and flexibility in any riding discipline. @retired_newzealand_eventer

Lucy Mckelvie – Wyndham, New Zealand

I came to the DRT program because I wanted to more fully embrace the two Cs I felt were lacking in my riding life: feeling control over my journey and growing my confidence in and out of the saddle. Having completed DRT1 several times I felt the time was right to move onto DRT2. I’m so thrilled to report that DRT2 has helped me to achieve those outcomes… and more!

How has it helped me to feel more in control?
I really look forward to my weekly ‘Nicola email’ which outlines the exercises and expectations each week. I like the feeling that whilst I am doing it in my own living room, there are in fact other riders in exactly the same position as me. The fact that the routines themselves are no more than 20 minutes works well as, like many, I juggle a variety of responsibilities. It feels good knowing that I can make positive changes in three twenty minute sessions. It feels entirely achievable and this helps me to feel in control. I feel empowered to take ownership… because it really is do-able.

How has my confidence increased?
As I feel more secure in the saddle, my confidence to ‘ride the horse’ has increased. Be it riding without stirrups or dealing with a spook out hacking: I’ve noticed that my balance has increased dramatically during DRT2. I honestly believe that this leads me to ‘want’ to sit up that little bit straighter… I can also feel myself breathe and smile much more! It’s affirming when your trainer notices an improvement: these extrinsic positives become big motivators, spurring me on to try a little more in my next session.

All of this has led me to feel more capable. As a plus size rider in a sport of teeny-tiny bodies, this sport can be daunting. The DRT2 program (especially) has encouraged me to think positively about the small changes we can make and then see/feel each week.

I honestly cannot recommend this program enough. If you’re on the fence about signing up: back yourself. You can do it! Because, trust me, if I can anyone can.

Stephanie Belisle – St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Canada

Hi Nicola, here are my highlights from this DRT3 program.
First : my awareness – because my body is more supple and stronger, I have improved my balance in the saddle and noticed I have additional channels of communication with the horse I ride since I can more subtle.

Second : my fluidity – in my day-to-day life as well as in my riding moments, I feel so good in how I move, how I breathe and how I stand.

And lastly : my reaction time – the different exercises involving plyometrics have paid and now I trust I can sustain an elastic posture no matter what the horse is doing, no matter how long I ride, no matter what is going on.

I am amazed with the progress I have made so far. It has been a rewarding journey. I am ready for DRT4.

Thanks a lot

Susan Everett – North Carolina, USA

Dear Nicola,

Your program has made a big improvement in my riding ability. I am 66 years old and currently riding once @ week – returning to riding after a 30+ year layoff. I quickly realized my mind remembered so much more than my body! I hoped DRT1 would help me address my biggest problems – upper body position and moving my legs independently and it did more than I hoped.

I have a significant amount of arthritis in my upper back and neck, and I haven’t kept up with my strength training since the pandemic began. After 12 weeks of DRT1, I have a much stronger upper body now due to the homework stretches and workouts. I love how you give different difficulty levels in each workout. I certainly needed extra weeks to work my way up to the more challenging options in every workout.

My second big problem was re-learning how to isolate and move different parts of my body without moving anything else! Once again, the workouts are targeted to help me in this very area.

Like many of your other participants, I have lowered my stirrups at least twice as my leg strength and balance improved. Just last week, my trainer suggested it’s time to drop them another hole! Here’s a picture of me on my favorite lesson horse Jasper before the longer stirrup length. Still working on getting my shoulders back – but they are a lot better thanks to DRT1.

These improvements have come without completing all the phases of DRT1 – yet. The DRT group has been so supportive of us who need extra time to advance through the workouts. The Facebook group and your encouragement has kept me working out every week and repeating weeks as necessary. Why? Because you tell me how this exercise or movement is going to impact my riding. To me that is the biggest key to success. I can directly apply what you have us do with my riding, and I want to be a better rider.

I ordered the thumb drive since I have lousy internet service in my rural home. Even though DRT1 has officially finished, I am still working out (core, yoga, and strength) every week… slowly working my way through the weeks as my body allows. I am more flexible, stronger, and have more stamina than I have been in years. Thank you for this wonderful program.

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