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Read these dressage rider fitness program reviews and testimonials below. These are from riders just like you who have completed the program and then sent me these photos and comments.

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Sandra Reich – Saarland, Germany

Thank you, we have much fun with DRT!

Louise Duda

This morning I just completed DRT 3’s session 3 yoga again, which motivated me to write to you. That particular routine focuses on releasing facia in my hamstrings, hip flexors, rib cage, and IT band and gives me such relief and increased straightness.  Most of DRT 3 has similar effects.

Your DRT programs have very literally given me my life back. I suffered since my late 30’s with back pain and an increasingly crooked body that was making me and my horses sore. All my efforts to become straighter and to escape increasing pain were mostly unsuccessful ( PT, chiropractic, Alexander Technique and Feldenkris  training, acupuncture, drugs, constant epidurals, etc) I had been doing a routine of exercises daily, many very similar to yours, but had hit the point at age 70 that I felt riding was at an end and each day I had to lie down about 2:00 pm to cope.

My Physical therapist felt I was still unstable in my si and suggested more exercises to help stabilize my core to reduce the constant tweaking on nerves that herniated discs and stenosis had inflamed. Thankfully at that point two years ago I start DRT 1.

Within 3 weeks of rotating daily through one of your routines I began to feel relief. I am now almost completely pain free, riding successfully at FEI level, straighter than I’ve ever been, and seeing improvement continue. I have continued to rotate through various sections of DRT 1,2,or 3 about five times per week. Whenever I’ve had to stop for awhile, I can tell that I become tighter and a bit twisted again but returning to my daily 20 minute “ fix” quickly gets me back on track. Students as well as non riding friends with back problems have found similar success using your programs.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Gina Janelli – Oregon, USA

Amazing course and courses. After finishing DRT4 went back into HTF, finished it, and now back into week 1 of DRT3. They all continue to challenge but need it to keep up not only with horse care and chores but life chores and work. I am blessed to be 70 this year and blacksmithing as well as photographing. I am thankful for your courses that help keep this body going. Thanks so very much for all you and Ben do

Narel Wilson

Hello, I have just loved being a part of DRT1, 2 and 3, and have loved how each has built from the last, and also, that in between each program I have been able to maintain the fitness I have built by staying active in other programs in the online gym. My body has never felt stronger, with less pain and issues, and I feel confident in myself and my abilities in a way I have not felt for years. I find the programs easy to fit into my day, effective and always enjoy the way they are presented by you Nicola. Thank you very much!

Lena Skugstad – Rogaland, Norway

The DRT program has made huge changes in my body. I feel much more stability and find it easier making small adjustment while riding. I feel more control, stronger and can ride well for a longer session.

I do have many bad days struggling with pain and fatigue, so planning the training whenever it suits me, and possibility spending 6 months to complete the program and has been important for me to succeed.

I will highly recommended the DRT program!

Ricarda Giebel – Zürich, Switzerland

Dear Nicola, it is challenging but doable. The first 2 weeks I was really surprised and found it quite hard to follow. But as always you managed to build up the required strengths very quickly. The program has definitely more a focus on strength than the other programs had and so for me it was quite hard to stick to the program. Because the strength workout was never the one I liked most. But the things you don’t want to do are most times the ones you need most. And now by the end I just must say I feel so much stronger than half a year ago! Also my body awareness and coordination increased to a new level. As my mare is on recovery since summer time I don’t know yet how it affects my riding, but in a couple of weeks I will know. To stay in this shape I just restarted DRT4 and combine it with some yoga flows out of the other programs (as you can imagine now yoga is my favorite J).

So, dear Nicola, you brought me from a discus prolaps situation a couple of years ago with all your DRT programs into a shape I have never been in my life – feeling healthy and strong with 49. Thank you so much for your effort you always put in for us!!

Jo Best – Canada

Hi Nicola, thank you for continuing to provide the DRT program and making new content and challenges to keep me interested and turning up to the mat.

I loved the added weights in DRT4 and felt a lot stronger during this programme. My upper body was not as strong as my legs and I enjoyed the exercises that helped my upper body too. It also felt like more of a workout and left me feeling energised and strong.

At some time on the DRT program I became a better rider. I see the same clinician two or three times a year. He used to say I sat to the left and leant to the right and this year he didn’t comment on this at all. I feel it is the strength in my obliques that have made the biggest difference to change this. Also the exercises involving lots of co-ordination are really helpful as I have recently been doing more lateral ridden work. I have had comments at the clinic such as “that was beautiful to watch”, “we came just to see your horse” and “how do you get your body position when riding without stirrups’ ‘. The lady that made this last comment went on to sign up for DRT1 and 2.

I love the whole presentation of the DRT programme, just the right balance of focussed but natural and done with a smile. I’m not sure how you manage to talk during some of the exercises! The 20 minute format also means there are no excuses and if live takes over for a while I find it easy to pick it up again.

Thank you also for the additional access to other parts of the gym. I enjoyed the morning yoga program which I did during some stressful times and it kept me sane!

Kind Regards

Skye Cunich – NSW, Australia

Hello Nicola,

DRT was absolutely fabulous!! I looked forward to the work out each week so much.

I haven’t videoed myself on my horse since doing your program, but the feed back from family, friends and my coach has been amazing. The difference it has made is dramatic!!

I feel, coming from a rider that has been held back with mindset issues your program has given me hope, so much confidence and belief in myself I can’t thank you enough!!

I’ve attached photos of Albert and I. I hope it comes through okay.

Many thanks – Skye

Marlene M – Manassas, VA, USA

Hi Nicola, I can’t say enough good things about the DRT program. I am in the last week of DRT2 and even with a slight injury in the past couple of weeks (popped a rib), I have been able to adjust the workouts … because of your continual suggestions to exercises where you tell us “if you can’t do this, just do ‘this'”. To be able to really feel the difference in where I am with balance and strength has been a constant throughout my doing the programs. Seeing how you may not be able to balance or move in a certain way at the start of DRT1 and be completely able to do those same moves with ease by the end of DRT2 (or even DRT1 for that matter!) … has been amazing. I will definitely be continuing on to DRT3! Thank you so much!

Chrizette Neethling – Northern Cape, South Africa

Dear Nicola, I really enjoyed joining your training sessions and my riding and general health improved significantly!

I got covid during my 12 weeks and actually felt older not doing my exercises because of past injuries and age related stiffness!

Thank you so much for a great product to assist all those passionate about our journeys with our horses.

Dyrlege Hilde Bjerke – Norge, Norway

Thank you , once again , Nicola for producing such a wonderful program for us! I finished DRT 4 a couple of weeks ago . Most of the weeks I did the program twice . I feel it has done so much for my riding . I have become stronger and have much more control of my body now . The lateral work has been really good for me ! Together these things have made me a much better rider ! My riding instructors are telling me they se a huge improvement in my riding ! According to DRT I’m now able to sit much more correctly on my horse and my horse feels a lot better and seems to be very happy with my DRT Training! For me the yoga has been the most difficult during all the DRT Trainings . BUT , slowly I have been better – and no I am really looking forward to the yoga sessions! I would recommend every rider to join DRT training . As well as feeling the improvement in my riding , I feel generally much better in my body now ! And 20 minutes sessions are wonderful! When I come home from the stable in the evenings ii’s tempting to put myself in a chair in front of the TV – but then I tell myself it’s only 20 minutes – and DO it ! Besides , Nicola is such an inspiring trainer and it’ s impossible not to be happy when doing DRT trainings! I have now restarted DRT 3 , then I will repeat DRT 4 – while waiting for DRT 5!

Susanne – Berlin, Germany

Excellent training that I recommend to riders that have limited time and want to focus on improving their balance and overall awareness as riders. All horses will thank Nicola as well. Mine is delighted with my progress.

Ann Rolfe – London, UK

Hi Nicola, Thanks for the all the DRT programmes, I have loved doing them, and they were invaluable in the lockdowns to keep me rider fit. I really liked the way that DRT 4 drew from all the other programmes and brought it all together. I’m looking forward to continuing to use the programmes as I feel that keeping the core fitness and strength is a key to riding. Thanks again, Ann

Caitlin Hughes – Ontario, Canada

Hi Nicola, I completed DRT4 a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved the program. The addition of the weights to the exercises was a challenge, but I felt the changes and strength improvements as a result. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the DRT programs I’ve done so far: DRT1, DRT2,DRT3, HPF, DRT4, and the Mobility Program. If you decide to create further DRT programs I will eagerly await their release, in the meantime continuing to work through the existing DRT programs attempting the more challenging exercise options.

Thank you for everything you do Nicola, I have noticed the changes not only in my riding but in my everyday life and I am so appreciative. I never took my personal fitness as seriously as I should have prior to this program but now it is not something I will let slide. We can only expect our horses to perform at their best if we stay fit and healthy as well.

Barbara Huibregtse – Danville, USA

Thanks to you and DRT team for these programs. For me, DRT4 really helped pull together the fitness and the mindset aspect, as the workouts required focus to get the exercises correct and get the most out of them. This focus translated to my riding, and has helped me focus on the movements and the horse’s reaction, and avoid distractions, with improvement and progress in our training. I will also note that the yoga helped me realize how stiff and tight I could be, which had to translate to the horse, but the yoga and mobility sessions allowed me to loosen up . Thank you again.

Elke Breves – Germany

Dear Nicola and Ben, DRT 4 is something so special, it puts together everything we have learned on our DRT journey. My strength and balance increased beyond expectations, my anxieties vanished and I am so happy now with my young and challenging mare. While doing DRT 4 I realized that I have developed an certain body awareness that allows me to notice and correct my posture, my seat or the correct performance of the DRT routines. Thank you so so much for this wonderful program, it has been a real life changer.
The whole online gym is such a fantastic place for fitness, mindset and feels like one big family. Thank you so much and kind regards from Germany

Jane Keylock – Shepton Beauchamp, UK

Hi Nicola, Thanks for another great DRT programme….when is DRT5 coming????!!!

I particularly liked the yoga and the way it targeted specific parts of the body with a good amount on twisting and the upper body which is great for those of us that sit at a desk a lot. I thought the rider strength complemented the yoga very well and still carried on the focus on cross-slings and strengthening posterior chain from DRT3 which certainly is important for me. The core strength exercises were good to maintain strength in all core muscles. Thanks once again. Hope you’re all ok in NZ and looking forward to the next steps.

Barbara Schärer – Wabern, Switzerland

Hi Nicole, this is what my riding coach told me not so long ago:
unfortunately there is no “before” picture – but your development from your first riding lesson until today – is amazing.

Your diligence, your motivation and your discipline also outside the saddle pays off. “Riding according to biomechanical principles” brings even more success when certain behavioural
and physical patterns are also disolved in everyday life.

I had my first riding lesson with her in spring 2020. This is clearly the result of my participation in your training program. I can notice myself that my posture and stability in the saddle has improved a lot… there is still a very long way to go.

Apart from the effects that the training has on my riding, it is actually always a lot of fun, even though it is quite strenuous. The variety of workouts you present to us is amazing – it never gets boring.

Unfortunately, during DRT2 I was not always able to train as much as I would have liked, mainly due to an injury. But everything is ok again and I am looking forward to DRT 3.

Cindy Horrocks – Lake Placid New York USA

Greetings Nicola and Ben. A bit of background. I am 72 and ride dressage now after years of eventing and hunters. Last year I came off my mare and broke my back. Just one of those freak things and I am well and deeply grateful that it was not more serious. This year my mare tore her ACL so we have another summer of no riding. It will be better but a long recovery.

I have kept up with DRT and find it fills a need other than fitness. The mental exercise is so vital for feeling well. When the exercises combine focus plus strength I find it very calming. Vise versa I am calmer hand walking my sometimes very energetic mare because I am fit. The mental/focus of DRT 4 is for me, the best part.

The exercises are rider specific, but the benefits are not riding exclusive.

With no riding this year I am in my canoe and kayak quite a bit. They are very tippy but even with a dog jumping about I can maintain my balance.
Thank you both for such a great, thoughtful, educated program.
I will continue to be a fan forever!

Tanina Frouge Linden – Virginia, USA

The DRT Program with Nicola Smith has helped my riding in many ways. I never had good balance, and my flexibility is not quite what it once was. The DRT program improved my flexibility tremendously.

I started with a decent core but DRT really helped strengthen that area as well as my arms and legs. The added strength helped me keep a still leg and to effectively wrap my legs around my horse’s barrel. The program also helped my balance and enabled me to sit deeper in the saddle, which is something that I have struggled with in the past. I am delighted that I found this fantastic program for my riding and general well being.

Nicola is a delight and I love the way she will suggest another movement if something is beyond you due to injury. I wholeheartedly recommend the DRT program to riders of all disciplines.

Nicola Parker-Webb – Cromwell, New Zealand

DRT2 has been brilliant!!! I have felt myself become fitter, stronger, more flexible in general. More specifically, I have noticed how much more balanced and centred I am in the saddle and how much more control I have over my body, how I am riding, and the aids I am giving. I am incredibly grateful for the DRT programmes and am looking forward to the next stage in my DRT journey with number 3 🙂

Caroline Ross, London UK

“Nicola’s DRT programmes are brilliant. Having completed DRT1 and DRT2, I’m now feeling equally strong and supple which has made a big difference to my riding. I’m much more secure in the saddle, my movements are more fluid and my downward transitions are so much better. I feel both light and stable which is the best feeling and I’m pretty sure the horses I ride appreciate it too. I’ve never previously received any compliments while doing dressage but over the past two months, my instructor has been so impressed with how the horses are going. I’m more relaxed too. Nicola is a fun, personal and knowledgeable trainer and I always enjoy her workouts. It’s obvious that she cares a lot and has put a ton of thought into her programmes – as a fellow personal trainer I really notice and appreciate that. Highly recommended!!”

Rachel Bladon – Newbury, UK

Hi Nicola and Ben, I loved DRT 4 and enjoyed it most of tall the programs. I think this is because I am so much fitter and stronger that I found I could do all the exercises with the harder options, and whilst it was not easy I was able to do it which is very satisfying.
I have always struggled with upper body posture, but this program has tackled that and I am so pleased with the improvement – at last I understand how to sit tall and elegantly and with a bit of effort I can do it. Improving my riding was the goal so that is definitely ticked off.

However it has done so much more than improve my riding. I have changed my eating habits, thought more carefully about sleeping and I feel better for it. I have also started doing some faster running again, it is so easy as you get older to settle into being steady and careful, but your sprint session showed me I do still have it! I am doing the London marathon in about 7 weeks and as I had done some speed work I am finding the training easier as I am able to do the different sessions rather than just grinding out the long runs.

Thank you, I will be doing DRT 4 again and definitely recommend it.

Sarah McCarty – Plattsburgh NY USA

Hi Nicola,Thank you for the opportunity! I decided to jump right into DRT 2 after finishing DRT1 “on schedule.” This time the program coincided with big seasonal shifts that affected my time and organization – end of the teaching year, competition season – good stresses but challenges to routine! I found that I actually enjoyed repeating weeks here and there, actually looking forward to this lasting longer than 12 weeks!

In the saddle, I have felt an incredible difference! As spring and summer have unfolded I feel the security in my seat on trails, jumping, and as I start my mare in training level and need to support her learning. The program has helped me not only to use my aids more accurately, but to recognize when it’s actually something I need to adjust that’s causing my horse to misunderstand. I can view a challenge we may be having from two different sides now, and feel like I’m developing a toolkit of solutions.

We have been a partnership for exactly 6 months now, and she has earned solid scores in the mid-60s! My collective marks on position and aids are consistently a half to a full point higher than they’ve ever been! I’m looking forward to doing DRT2 a second time through as fall approaches, and to DRT3 after!

Nancy Cox – Georgia USA

Hi Nicola!

Thank you for giving me back my ability to ride!

I am in my 50’s and my fitness has been inconsistent, mainly due to the long hours of my career work week.

Now I am able to focus on my riding more consistently, but sadly discovered I was weak, inflexible, and perpetually in pain, particularly in my left hip/joint area.

I thought getting stronger and more flexible would be my best bet for gaining my rider form again. And I found you and DRT, thank goodness.

By week 5 of DRT1 I was riding decently again with less pain. By week 11, I felt almost like my old 20-something self. I finished up week 12 and am looking forward to DRT2 to help me keep improving. I am quite addicted now, and love your process and kind and gentle way of motivating and encouraging. I look forward to every session.

I can’t thank you enough for giving the gift of riding back to me.

Nancy Cox

Brenda Lofstrom – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Completed DRT2 … feel amazing! Even though I completed DRT1 in April and had huge
improvements in my riding and physical fitness, I was a little apprehensive at first when starting
DRT2, thinking it might be too tough for me. But with each DRT2 workout I constantly amazed
myself – totally able to do the workouts and continued to improve!! At age 68 and only back in the
saddle for 6 months after not riding for over 12 years, I am now riding pain-free as my poor hips /
lower back / core strength have improved tremendously. In my prime 20 some years ago, I rode my
3 horses but had lots of hip stiffness and pain after 3, 2, even 1 ride, in a day. These days, it’s
such a pleasure to swing my leg over the saddle and ride both my 27 year old gelding and the lovely
mare I lease, all with no pain. And I have found that I’m riding sitting trot even better than I did
years ago. My riding, my flexibility, strength, fitness and overall health (I’m type 2 diabetic) have
improved enormously in the 12 weeks of DRT2! Feeling pumped and proud! So so grateful for your
programs, Nicola and I’m looking forward to DRT3 to continue this amazing journey!

Vanessa Way – Taranaki, New Zealand

Having just completed the DRT4, I can not believe the strength, fitness and extra suppleness this program has added to my riding . My body awareness has made my core strength and riding position improve so much that I can actually see the difference in my effectiveness in the saddle. Can’t recommend this program enough.

Julie Sperling – Coventry, UK

Hi Nicola, what can I say DRT 1 just improved my being and started to look at things differently. I started to want more from my riding. By the end of it I thought let’s start some lessons.

DRT 2 came along and that was another journey, the lessons were giving me confidence and the DRT sessions were giving me the ability to sit up and hold a position. Something I haven’t been able to do since a bowel and ovary problem on my left side and caused major muscle/core weakness I would just collapse on that side and out the front door on many occasions. By the end of it I was thinking maybe I’ll do a walk/trot dressage test.

DRT 3 well I surprised myself online dressage competitions and was signed up for a live competitions too. I even qualified for the ‘summer championships’. And last week the last week of DRT 3 I came third with only half a mark between the one in front and half in front of her. I can sit to spooks and am really enjoying my riding and wanting more. I even went on a fun ride with my daughter and managed to canter alongside her in an open field. All this confidence and inner strength has come from this program. The whole progression is perfect and gives so much more than exercise, its the journey and I’m sure my horse Phoenix really appreciates it too.

The timings fit very well in my busy life, working full time, a full time carer for my husband, mum and grandma plus my horse. Twenty minutes of me time are appreciated even when some of the yoga moves look impossible I do my best and before I know it I’m actually doing them. I like the set pattern of days it works well for me and now looking forward to another DRT!

Karlene French – Minnesota, USA

Hi Nicola, I am honored to share my experience with the DRT4 program. I recommend it to all of my riding friends for the following reasons:

— Workouts are the perfect length for fitting into busy schedules and are a good balance of core, balance, and strength exercises.
— Workouts are challenging. We sweat. We have to think, coordinate movement, breathe, and use and relax muscles just like we do when riding.
— Your demeanor is genuine and full of gratitude and grace. I truly feel the love you give to your animals and to your work in the tapes. You make a connection with us without ever having met us!! It’s as if I am working out and laughing with a good friend in the living room.
— The homework, with a focus on basic movements and stretching and interval training, was the perfect end of day or weekend addition to the program.
— You do an excellent job, especially in DRT4, at explaining exactly how the exercises help riding.
— I am an amateur rider who began riding as an adult. The program helps me feel what it means to have independent seat and hands and better balance in the saddle. I am beginning to experience an elastic connection with my horse and become a more subtle, relaxed, and effective rider. I can feel and use more minute muscles in my body now.
— I look forward to workouts!

I thought the DRT4 program was the best one yet. I found the core and strength workouts more challenging and the homework less daunting. It had the basic movement elements of DRT1 and 2, the balance challenges of DRT3, and great “thinking” and coordination exercises that mimic test riding. I would add some riding homework back in and reminders to foam roll. DRT1 and 2 could be more for riders looking to begin working out. DRT3 and 4 may be better for riders who already are working out and want a more rider focused program. I will continue to repeat DRT3 and 4 until you come up with DRT5! Sign me up! With much gratitude.

Lucinda Hooper – Batchelor, Australia

Thanks Nicola for putting together the DRT programs. I have just completed DRT2! I have been amazed how much I have progressed! While there are many positions and movements that still seem to be totally beyond me at the moment and I have to modify them for me, there are some things that I feel I am shining at. Who would have thought it possible to kneel on the swiss ball waving round a small weight? DRT2 was the perfect follow-on from DRT1, continuing to be fun, challenging and making small progressions to positions so you do not feel like you are repeating the same things over and over. I do my sessions first thing in the morning and find that on DRT days I bounce out of bed eager to start. I have not been able to ride much over the last 6 months but the times I have been in the saddle I feel so much more balanced and laterally even.

The last few yoga sessions I found really hard and would have sent anyone into fits of laughter if they were watching me, three-legged dog especially! I like how sometimes you also get out of breath or lose your balance; it makes us feel that we are doing OK! I’m very much looking forward to DRT3.Thank you again.

Anne Doyle – Auburn Hills, USA

I have been doing hot yoga, which is pretty challenging, for almost a decade and I’ve exercised most of my adult life. So, although I just turned 73, I thought I was in pretty good shape. But DRT1 raised the bar !! It immediately challenged me to get stronger in all the right places for improving my riding. Nicola is an inspiring, encouraging and challenging teacher who sweats and burns right along with us!. I’m privileged to ride two fantastic (and very different!) Andalusians, including Rio, seen in this picture. I’m sure they both noticed that my balance is more solid and my legs stronger, thanks to the DRT1 program that I just finished. I highly recommend it for anyone eager to keep improving her riding skills. Sign me up for DRT2!

Chris Siegel – San Diego, USA

Hi Nicola, I have included a photo taken today of me and my 7yo OTTB gelding, Roanie. My testimonial goes back to November, 22, 2000 when I fractured my proximal femur after being bucked off Roanie during a jumping lesson. After the accident, I wanted to start strengthening ASAP. I searched on the internet and found DRT1 that would start in early January 2021. I thought Dressage would be safer for me but would require more strength. Having never done Dressage, I thought that the Dressage training would be good for both me and Roanie. When first started the DRT 1 program, I was unable to do several of the exercises but, I stayed with it. I wasn’t able to get back to riding for 3 months. The DRT 1 program was my push to get as strong as I could get during my rehabilitation. My young horse also started in Dressage training. With both of us getting stronger and more confident, I got back on Roanie in early March and started taking Dressage lessons with him. After finishing DRT 1, I began DRT 2 and that is where I really saw my core, balance, strength and endurance improving. Being a Physical Therapist, I love how Nicola combines Core, Yoga, and Strength training into the 3x/week, 12 week programs. I also appreciate how she incorporates the foam roller, big ball, bands and hand weights into the weekly programs. I feel that I am stronger now than I was before I had the accident. Both Roanie and I are stronger, more confident and back to jumping in addition to Dressage. Nicola, thank you so much for both the DRT1 and DRT 2 programs! It helped me get back in the saddle, better than before! When do we start DRT3?!!

Carolyn Myers – Michigan, USA

Hello, Nicola, first, thank you for putting together this DRT1 program. It’s so well organized, and I appreciate how it progresses. I do a lot of repeating – just finishing Week 8 – as I like the movements to feel smooth and flowing before moving on. Your program accommodates this so well. You’ve said your husband, Ben, is your ‘tech-y’ guy. I appreciate his work, too. I know that making all this work smoothly is not trivial. And we all enjoy your including the goofy bits, e.g., Lucy’s visits, unexpected laughter, etc.

My plan is to complete DRT1, and then to repeat it. I have not been at all diligent about the homework so I’ll include that next time around. I have been reading, and learning from, your essays. Thanks for those, too. Attached is a photo of my horse and me, taken yesterday morning. He is Rupert, an eleven-year old OTTB. After a successful racing career (as Bold Curlin) he is retired to a life of Fun with Friends. I’m 75, and retired, too. Thanks again from Rupert and me. We both appreciate your work.

Stephanie Belisle – Québec, Canada

Hi Nicola, this experience with DRT1 has been a good recipe for me. It has been very easy to include in my busy schedule. I like that we focus on core, suppleness and strength. At the beginning I was doing it only three days a week but I was liking it so much, I started repeating the routines I would have the most enjoyed to a point where I exercice 6 times a week. I see and I feel a huge difference. I am more balanced, I am more fit, I am more supple, I have a lot energy, I even have more motivation at work. Like what everything is interconnected.

The program is such a nice challenge, the routines are fun, and Nicola, you are wonderful – you are positive, you are funny, all your good words resonate with me all day long. I am always looking forward the next session.

The fact that it is built for dressage rider makes it exactly adapted to my style of riding. I had tried other programs in the past, but since they were not aligned with my sport, I was not feeling that interested. With this one, I am All In (like that dressage horse in the Canadian team at Tokyo 2020 😉 !! Thank you very much, Nicola, it is a pleasure to train with you.

Québec, Canada 🇨🇦

Kathy Landin – Butler, USA

Hi Nicola! I just finished DRT4! These weeks have flown by! I have been without a horse for almost 2 years and kept up with the programs for my own fitness. Two months ago a friend purchased a new horse and asked if I would be willing to ride her first horse. So, I was back in the saddle after 2 years! I am 64. I wondered if I would be a mess in the saddle! Would I remember and be able to keep up physically?!

AJ is 21 yrs old and the trainer at the barn said yesterday that he is a master of evasion techniques! This program has been so helpful! My core is strong enough to be able to stay balanced in the saddle when he wants to throw me onto one seat bone; my core is strong enough to stay upright when he wants to pull me forward; my lats are strong enough to do half halts when he wants to ignore my outside rein; my hips are flexible enough and my mind, most of the time, can think while I am working.

It is still challenging, but I am doing it! Without this program I would not be riding now. I think that the added weights and tube work were tough at times but strengthening! The harder movements really did make me have to think and concentrate to do them. I need all of this to be able to ride! I am so glad I didn’t quit 2 years ago; it has all been in preparation to ride today! All your programs are awesome! You are keeping people riding and doing what they love! Thank you! Kathy Landin

Sophie O’Connor – Midi-Pyrénées, France

Hi Nicola, Many thanks for your email – please find attached a photo of my horse and me, competing a couple of weeks ago in the gorgeous grounds of the Castle of Pompadour (also the eventing Mecca in France^^). Felt so good and relaxed that we delivered a beautiful test and came first 😉, although it was all about having a good time; you can see I’m smiling in the picture, I was soooo happy to be there, and I have no doubt that the DRT program played a huge role in this achievement.

Indeed the DRT program was just what I was looking for. I loved the exercises, I thought they were really relevant to becoming a better rider, and most of all I loved your enthusiasm (really contagious!!) and encouragements.

I am still unable to kneel on the Swiss ball for a long time, but I’m getting there. My plan is to repeat DRT1 so I can master the exercises (some of them I cheated and didn’t do the “tough” option) and get a solid foundation before moving on to DRT2. I am just back from repeating the Core Strength #1 and the improvement was just amazing (so I incorporated lots of extras in order to start sweating a bit!!).

I also love the Facebook group, it’s full of kindness and good advice – I think I have found my soul mates, which is brilliant, as I believe that, in this crazy world, we all really need to be surrounded by people with a positive attitude.

Many thanks again for helping me become a better rider ❤ My mare says “thank you” too !!

Germana Zollesi – Orbassano, Italy

Dear Nicola, thanks for asking my thoughts about DRT. I really love this program in every parts. At the beginning, I was a little surprised for the timing: only 3 times a week, only 15-20 minutes for workouts, seems so a little time, but it work, it work very well. DRT1 was the beginning of the journey, with a big effects on my riding, unfortunately stopped from an injury of the hoof of my mare. DRT2 was my favourite … challenging, strong, perfect for me, but i did it in a bad period (i work in an oncologic hospital and we were in charged with anti covid vaccination, with double turn of work every day) and then DRT3. At the beginning, I found it very soft, a little too soft for me, but … workout after workout I see a big difference and a lot of improvements: more coalescence, more awareness. In my experiences i can say that DRT3 was the more effectiveness of the three programs. I really love the DRT journey. I find that it’s very well constructed. I want to spend a word also on DRT Mobility, my salvation in a lot of situation. I really appreciated this extra program. One of this workout save my glutes and my hip so many times! After all of this month spent on DRT, make you part of the family: my cat recognizes your voice and the theme music of DRT and hurry up to take its place on the mat; my husband hurry up in the opposite direction (He doesn’t like movements) and the mare thank very much. Thank you very much Nicola
waiting DRT4

Dana Gastaldo – California, USA

Hi Nicola, I am blessed to say that I have completed DRT4 and it was a good challenge for me.. I am 60 years old and have found that I gained coordinating body awareness and strength I did not realize I lost or never had. Most of all this program help to develop a mental focus and patience within myself.

DRT4 was a commitment to myself in exploring what I am capable of . My mindset got stronger in accepting where I am in each exercise practice. The movement patterns were most interesting in this program.

Your cueing is helpful with alternative suggestions to assist when it is too difficult at that moment. Finally, your kind hearted enthusiasm with laughter is a plus.

Lillian Spencer – Arizona, USA

Hi Nicola, I signed up for DRT 1 while I was rehabbing from a fall, because I didn’t want to lose all my conditioning. I’m so glad I did! The workouts not only kept me in shape, they improved my strength and balance more than I thought possible. I feel much more stable when I ride now, and I have better position over jumps because of stronger core and legs. I really appreciate the flexibility of the program, with relatively short workout videos that can be combined in different ways, as well as all the different options presented in the videos. I also really liked the Online Gym set up, with all the other information and workouts. There is so much content provided, the program provides excellent value for the cost! And your support and encouragement, and personal touches, are also much appreciated. Thank you for putting this all together!
Cheers, Lillian Spencer (and River!)

Andrea Redekop – Abbotsford, Canada

Hi Nicola, thank you for creating DRT fitness programs; I have thoroughly enjoyed them!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that DRT4 is completed; it seems like it just started!

For me, I found DRT4 the most challenging as it uses more weights and works on strength more than the others. Having said that, I did feel prepared and ready for the challenges. I plan to repeat DRT4 and will probably mix in DRT3 as well.

I really like that you always give options for the exercises as it makes it doable for everyone. When I can I always do the hardest and realize that it’s okay if I can’t. This helps me to know where I need more strength or co-ordination.

I have never enjoyed yoga until the DRT programs. I really appreciate that you explain why we do certain moves and what the benefits are to our body. I found DRT3 yoga very interesting as it introduced facia. The yoga in DRT has helped me to to be more flexible and have more body awareness when I ride.

You have such a wonderful ability to keep me encouraged when the exercises get tough. I feel that you have a genuine “you can do this” for those doing your programs.

I am grateful to be a part of DRT family and plan to keep doing the programs to help my riding and general fitness.

Andrea Redekop

Katja Mueller – Deutschland, Germany

Dear Nicola, After completing DRT 1 I wrote to you that joining the Program was one of the best decisions I made. The same applies for DRT 2. Not only did I achieve what I hoped for with my riding – being fitter, stronger and more balanced – but I developed a whole new body (and mind) awareness. I frequently use all the tools you provide in the online Gym, be it a specific stretching or yoga routine because I feel stiff and “compressed”, a certain workout or the mindset sessions/meditations. I have truely learned to listen to my body and do what it needs to feel better, live better and ultimately ride better. This is one of the things I like best about DRT, that it is not a set of rules you have to follow but a unique opportunity to make it work specifically for you. Physically I found DRT 2 different and sometimes more challenging than DRT 1, but in a good and encouraging way. Although I have always been an active person and even worked as a trainer myself, I found the workouts very diversified and your upbeat and encouraging personality simply is the cherry on top. Keep going and I am already looking forward to DRT 3! Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany, Katja and Awhitu

Andrea Stuhec-Leonard – Manotick, Canada

Hi Nicola, of the three programs, DRT3 was my favourite! I found the strength and yoga really challenged me in ways that I needed most and have allowed me to become stronger while increasing my mobility. I enjoy the different format/structure of the videos between the different programs as I feel it brings variety when repeating workouts. Overall I am very happy with these DRT programs. I am proud of the accomplishments I have achieved in both strength and mobility due to your programs and these improvements have helped me gain confidence in my movement (both in riding and in daily life) which have helped me further my riding skills and have the confidence to try new riding disciplines. Thank you very much for your wonderful programs and support throughout!

Magdalen Celestino – Florida

Hi Nicola! I’m just starting Week 11 and I am loving the DRT2 process. It’s entirely doable ( ok the Swiss ball wood chopper continues to elude me). It’s a useful and fun challenge that is easy to schedule into my loaded work day. We have 4 horses with 3 we keep here on our property so I expected DRT2 to be way too much for me but it isn’t at all. In fact, DRT2 is just hard enough. No matter how exhausted I may feel, I always feel strong and energized after a session. It’s that rewarding and that remarkable.

This program has changed my riding and my body. I’m so much more aware of my balance and more in control of my seat. My very precise and perceptive Dutch saddler watched me ride recently and said I was a very balanced rider. That’s no small thing to me. I’ve got so much more mobility in my hips and shoulders. Look, I started DRT1 with constant hip pain that was made worse by mounting up. I’ll be 64 next week, so I figured it came with the territory and I had to suck it up. By Week 2 that pain was a distant memory and I haven’t felt it since. Same goes for my wrists. That’s a huge revelation for me. We can ALWAYS get better and stronger!

Many many thanks to Nicola and her crew for putting together this valuable asset. It’s has powered up my mind, my body and my riding. It’s a true life-changing process!

Your grateful student

Simone van der Plas – Te Horo, New Zealand

Hi Nicola, I’ve really enjoyed all four programmes especially 3&4 as for me personally its been better having the little timer countdown to focus on. I did both 3&4 back to back which was intense but well worth it as I think I got super results – much straighter posture and what I really like is I can now isolate the weak muscles and focus on engaging them whereas before it was easy for the body to still protect and not use these weaker muscle chains. The range of exercise options for people to choose from according to how the feel on the day and what their body is ready for is great – I did injure my calf muscle on the single leg side hop jumps but that is more due to the damage caused by surgeries and nerve damage so, for me I won’t do jump exercises again. I highly recommend doing both programmes back to back and going forwards I will continue to do this but first I will do the HPF programme.

Thank you for these online programmes they are really really good!!

Andrea Lee – NSW, Australia

Hi Nicola, I still have a week to go on DRT4. I love the DRT program, as well as the HPF one that came between DRT3 and DRT4. The ~20 minute sessions are perfectly timed – not too short, not too long. Especially going through 4 rounds of exercises without a break makes it challenging so that even 20 minutes are a great workout. I also like that you provide different levels for each exercise to ensure that people with pre-existing injuries are those of us on the “other side of 50” have great workouts even it the exercises are not done on the highest possible level. I usually circle through the lower DRT programs while waiting for a new one for the next level. That’s the good thing about the exercises – there are so many different sessions I can now choose to do, and when I do the lower level DRT exercises it is not as if they are super easy because I have completed the higher level training.

Rosalind Campbell – Berkshire, UK

Hi Nicola, I am so grateful and delighted that I discovered the DRT programme

I have now completed DRT1 and will definitely be continuing with the further programmes

Everyone’s comments of how the programme has improved their riding are true as it’s now happened to me! Apart from my physical fitness you have helped with my mental fitness too and I’m so much more confident in myself and my riding and am actually relishing competing and showing my horse to the judges!

My horse, Hihalino says thank you too. He’s much happier having a more confident balanced rider on his back!

I also love all the extras that come with the programme and whilst waiting for the next session to start will repeat the last four weeks as well as do the 21 day yoga retreat as I don’t want to loose what I have gained or get out of the discipline of training

Thank you again Nicola your programme is awesome!

With the very best of wishes and long may DRT continue!!!


Samantha Jones – United Kingdom

Hi Nicola, I finished DRT on Friday and thought it was brilliant – I finished on a real high (using dumbbells on the Swiss ball with relative ease!) and am now planning to just keep cycling through Phase 3 until such time as you bring out another course 🙂

When I started DRT 1 back in January it was because I wanted to improve my riding but was unable to actually go to the stables due to Covid restrictions here in Wales. Now that I’m back having regular lessons, the difference that the DRT courses are making is obvious to me, my instructor and Alf, the ex-racehorse that I ride. The courses have really helped my riding but have gone way beyond that. I’m a very active 41 year old but was starting to get little niggly injuries on a fairly regular basis. Lower back pain and aching hips were my biggest problems, but all of that has gone away since I started on these courses – I haven’t had any aches at all (aside from the good ones!). Improving my core strength has had a huge positive impact on the other activities I do (I’ve always loved kettlebells and now I’ve been able to move up to a 20kg bell) and I’ve even been out running to supplement the Rider Strength workouts. I honestly feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. A fantastic side-effect of all this has been the enormous confident boost that has come with doing this course – I honestly can’t thank you enough.

From a practical perspective I’ve found the app simple to use and love the way that the sessions are challenging but there’s always an option for those who need to decrease or increase the level of challenge. I’m not a huge user of Facebook but it’s also good to know that there’s community support if I need it too.

Thanks so much again Nicola, I’ve got such a lot out of these courses.

Best wishes to you and all the gang at your gorgeous yard

Peggy Harder – Salinas, USA

I very much liked DRT3. I’m turning 76 and like you hope to be riding in my 90s. These exercises are quite beneficial for me especially the upper body stretching and strengthening. Yoga is new to me but I’m doing it. I appreciate your verbal encouragement and the easier and more challenging ways to do the exercises. I like the repeat of the exercises. At first they seem easy but after 4 sets it’s a workout. I’ll be ready to start DRT4.
Thanks Peggy

Lara Schwartz – Washington, DC, USA

DRT 2 builds on the great foundation and habits established in DRT 1. I found that my flexibility, core strength, and overall well-being continued to improve over the course of this 12-week program. Nicola provides encouragement along the way, offering options that recognize our individual abilities and limitations.

This program has helped me significantly with my balance on horseback. I ride a compact, short-backed horse with a very springy jump. The core exercises have helped me flow stay with him and gave me more stability and confidence in the saddle.

I am looking forward to repeating parts of DRT2 and then moving on to DRT3. This is the best gift I gave myself in 2021.

Anne Bloksgaard Nielsen – Vodskov, Denmark

I cannot recommend the DRT programmes enough – the routines have become a part of my daily routine, and they have made a huge different for both my riding and my everyday health and wellbeing. I am experiencing a vastly improved connection and feeling of being in sync with my horse when I ride, and I am much more aware of the different aids and where to be active to, for instance, regain balance or improve a movement. Out of the saddle I feel much stronger, more supple and more balanced, I have less back aches and I am able to stand a whole day at my work desk without feeling fatigue in my back.

I love the way that DRT3 builds on DRT1 and 2 and takes everything we have learned to the next level – both through the exercise routines and through the knowledge that both the routines themselves and the homework and other resources provide. The programme is challenging, but the options make the routines doable even on “off days”, and the feeling of progressing through the programme builds confidence and motivation to keep going. At this point, I don’t see the programmes as individual 12-week programmes but as a vast pool of resources that I can dip into and use on an everyday basis, either repeating full programmes or selecting specific routines, depending on what I feel I need.

Thank you so much to you and your entire team (two-legged and four-legged alike!) for the work you’ve put into this programme – I think I can safely say that you have changed and improved the lives of humans and horses all over the world, and I for one am deeply grateful that I found your programme!

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