Beginners Yoga For Dressage Riders : 1 – Open Up Your Hips And Release Your Lower Back

This beginners yoga for dressage riders is designed to help open up your hips and loosen your lower back so that you can create that nice deep seat in the saddle.  We can often get really tight through our hips and lower back, so this is a nice gentle routine to help with this area.

It’s a lovely short routine designed for beginners and it is only 15 minutes long. Try including this into routine and notice how much of an impact putting a little time aside for yourself can have on your riding.

Yoga is a fabulous form of training for dressage riders and this is why we include suppleness as one of the four key elements of our DRT system.

The yoga within our DRT programs and this routine above, is not just about the suppleness benefits, but has the ability to make you feel centered, balanced and more energized.

As riders we want our horse to calmly move through the movements with grace and ease, so it just makes sense that we put that sort of training in practice off the horse to.

Dressage is about feeling, flow, balance, mindfulness and breath and dressage is very much the same when done well.

So try out this short beginners yoga and start to bring some balance into your body today.

I hope you enjoy.

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