A Celebration To The Equestrian Community

Recently I have come to really appreciate and value the tight connection that runs through the horse community. You hear and see quotes on social media all the time that there are two types of people in the world, those that are horse people and those that aren’t and for some reason recently I have truly begun to really appreciate that. Don’t get me wrong I have always known it, but its this community, this “thing” that is in our blood that binds us that I value and has recently been on my mind and that I am grateful for.

It’s a community of men and women who have this bond formed with horses, it’s in our blood and we will make many sacrifices day in and day out for the love of our horses. From missing social events to ensure our horses are ok with fireworks, to staying up all night on foal watch when the time is near or just spending 2-3 hours grooming and being with our horse when we can and because we can.  There is this bloodline or bond that links ourselves to other horsemen and horsewomen that helps us identify who we are and how we live and when we connect it this ease of conversation that is hard to break up.

There is this confidence and strength that an equestrian has and the ability to back horse floats, drive horse trucks and lug feed bags around, muck out day in and day out and to not question spending money on our horses. You see equestrians aren’t soft! We do things, we make things happen and get stuff done. Because if we don’t, who will? I mean if I want to compete, it’s me who has to get brave and tow the horse float, back it and get out there and make it happen. I have to be brave. This is a hard wiring that I really respect and value and it’s an underlying current that connects us all together. When you head to a competition, there is this community of horse people who make things happen and who are brave and confident. (Or if they aren’t, they are overcoming that to make that a reality in their own way. That’s what I value.)

It’s a community of men and women who will do anything for our horses and it’s a valued trait that I respect and admire when I connect with other “horse mad” people. We are a clicky group and there are certainly some extreme personalities amongst us all, but they are everywhere not just in our community. It’s this appreciation and gratefulness that I wanted to share with you and hopefully remind you of.

The deeper you go into anything the more things segment off into different niches and methods and way of training and there are opinions on everything to do with horses, but today instead of judging or being negative about it, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. To every person I have connected with so far in this life and have had deep, rich, heart-centered conversations about our love of horses and to everyone I have conversations with in the future. I value that current, the essence that’s in our blood and I don’t care if your an eventer, happy hacker or show jumper. I value that I could have conversations with you about horses and I value the type of person that you are and your love for horses because it’s in our blood! We are a unique type and the horse world is a way of life and I am proud to be part of it and call myself a crazy horse person.


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