How To Set Up Neutral Spine For Dressage Riders

Perfecting your posture when your in the saddle is not just about creating a pretty picture of a seasoned dressage…

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Dressage Posture – Improve The Health Of Your Spine

Great posture is one of the keys for a balanced horse that’s connected with their rider. That’s because spine health…

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The Role Our Adductors Play In Dressage Position

As dressage riders, our adductor strength plays an integral role in our seat. The adductor muscles, located in our inner…

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The Ultimate Core Exercise For Dressage Riders

Core strength is vital for dressage riders to remain balanced and connected with the horse. It’s not the type of…

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Using A Balance Ball To Improve Your Seat In Dressage

Establishing balanced seat bones and a strong core is vital for dressage riders to move freely with their horse. A…

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Exercises For Dressage Rider To Improve Fitness

As dressage riders, we often get caught up in the wellbeing and performance of our horse. We’re focused on working…

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How To Engage Your Lower Abdominals For Dressage Riders

Learning how to engage your lower abdominal muscles is crucial for a quiet and independent seat. Postural strength helps you…

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How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing Around My Riding?

When it comes to exercise off our horse too often we put it into the to hard basket and do…

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5 Swissball Moves To Improve Your Riding Posture

When we ride in a good position the body has an illusion of stillness. This stillness is created by muscles…

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Why Do You Bounce

Today I wanted to carry on talking about sitting trot and provide you with some more information on how to…

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