Equestrian Workouts To Improve Your Riding

Here are some great equestrian workouts. Whether you are a dressage rider, show jumper, eventer, or simply someone who loves to hack out over the weekend, here is an introduction to equestrian workouts that will improve your riding and overall fitness.

Having some form of fitness in the saddle is important for all equestrians not just for the extra stamina and fitness, but also for the suppleness and stability you need to feel secure in the saddle. That’s why I am have dedicated this entire website with equestrian workouts and educational articles to help you improve your riding fitness while off the horse.

Riding is a great form of movement, and the general upkeep of horses means you are most likely active every day. This is fantastic! However, what is often overlooked is how you are performing as a rider.

Equestrian Workouts To Improve Your Riding


Improving your equestrian fitness

You can spend all your time thinking about your horse’s health, how they are performing, what they are eating, and getting the balance right within their training schedule. Yet as riders, we often forget to pay attention to our own fitness.

In order to prevent injury in our horse, you are ensuring they are using their body correctly, they are building the right strength and stamina through their body to be able to utilize it no matter what equestrian discipline you concentrate on.

You as the rider should be exactly the same.


Workouts specific to equestrians

Taking care of yourself as a rider isn’t just about fitness. It’s about ensuring you are using your body correctly so that you prevent injury and can continue to ride for many years to come.

It’s not just about being fit. Alignment is crucial for both horse and rider, so too is our posture and balance.

The common thread amongst all equestrian disciplines is the ability to move with your horse and be stable in the saddle. This requires you to have strong core control, balance and co-ordination.

Then there is the need to ensure your posture and alignment is helping you prevent undue wear and tear. Just like horses have one side they find easier, so do we as riders and your role when you are off the horse is to ensure you are doing your best to work on your posture and alignment so that when you are riding and you add the forces of the horses movement to your body, you aren’t creating any extra stress which can lead to injury later on.


Your posture as an equestrian

Our environment and how we move each and every day affects our posture. So no matter your riding discipline, pay attention to your alignment and have a look at this article here. Then be sure to get an understanding of neutral spine and apply this to your activities and daily life off the horse.

Even if your goal isn’t to win a championship title, staying injury free so you can enjoy your horse riding for many years to come should be important to you.

workouts for equestrians


Improving your equestrian fitness with specific workouts

Riding in general, requires a specific form of stamina, stability and suppleness to do it well. Your body requires good core muscle strength to help you stabilize well in the saddle. Using specific strength training that targets your core stability will not only help with posture but also improve your confidence in the saddle.  Here is a great Equestrian core workout to get you started today along with this one here that has core exercises designed for horse riders.


Avoid injury as an equestrian

The lifestyle we lead when taking care of horses can take a toll on the body if it doesn’t have adequate posture and stability to protect its joints. Stacking bales, carrying buckets of water, lifting saddles, and general riding is all movement for our body.

As riders, it’s not that we need to be able to do extreme workouts, olympic lifts or the splits. However an equestrian workout routine that is specific to the unique requirements of you as a rider is important. This is what I am dedicated to bringing you. Horse riding is in my blood and with my degree in Physical education and sport science along with my scientific core and back training I am narrowed down what makes us equestrians unique and this entire site is about providing you with the tools to improve your riding.

My passion is dressage, but what I share applies to all disciplines, you only have to read all the reviews from our members who do our program to find out the results it delivers.

So to get yourself started, be sure to download our free guide with tips on what you can do today and then try this Equestrian leg workout here. 


Stretches for equestrians

Along with this unique strength and stamina comes a need for suppleness and mobility in the saddle. Here are a selection of some of my favourite stretches for equestrians here…


Equestrian Workouts

Here are a selection of more free equestrian workouts that you can do at home today. For more check out our 12 week online training program that helps you take your riding to a whole new level. You can learn more about it here and read all the reviews from participants around the world here. 


I hope this gives you some tools to start with.

Wishing you all the best with your riding!


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